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One of the latest WhatsApp mod applications that you can try has many advantages.
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AZWhatsApp APK: One of the latest WhatsApp mod applications that you can try has many advantages. Starting from privacy settings, sending photos, videos, creating statuses, and much more.

In this case, all of these provisions have different advantages from standard WhatsApp. WhatsApp mod can already have features that cannot be found in the official version. Allowing users to experience the use of premium chat applications. There are many reasons for downloading the this Apk. This version is a modified variant of the official version with the addition of many main features.

AZWhatsApp APK

AZWhatsapp APK

AZWhatsApp Apk is the only version that can translate your conversations. We will tell you more about the App and its most outstanding features. So you should keep reading to know more. AZWhatsApp is WhatsApp Mod that enhances the original WhatsApp messenger options with the addition of interesting features and themes.

This is the WhatsApp version which intends to include more options and features than the original WhatsApp. End-to-end encryption is the only thing that forms the foundation of WhatsApp. Because of this, your communication remains private and confidential.

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For many users, an instant messaging app par excellence has come along with the necessary options to carry out its main function which is to talk and send files to our contacts. However, other users always want more and look for other mods despite the risk of being less secure and breaking certain rules because WhatsApp is not an open-source application.

Properties of AZWhatsApp

  • Conversations are translated immediately
  • GIF images can be set as wallpaper in WhatsApp conversations
  • The maximum file share size has been increased to 50 MB
  • Can download user broadcasts and stories

Latest AZWhatsApp features

All users of the WhatsApp application indeed know all the Standard features of the latter. So we are going to focus our attention on the new interesting and awesome features of AZWhatsApp that are unique to it so that you get the general idea of ​​AZWhatsApp.  It has many features that cannot be found in the standard version; this is the difference it will have when using Az.

Application lock feature: Users can secure the application through the built-in locking feature without using any additional tools. This makes it possible to provide security from other parties when there is a change in the hand of the smartphone you have. They can lock the app through a pattern, password, or other security to provide WA security.

Instant messaging: When you want the peace of instant messaging, you can cut off the App’s internet connection.

Best privacy: You can control all private functions. This version allows you to set the desired functionality of ticks, double ticks, playback status, writing status, and recording status. You can stay absolutely private with this version.

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Languages ​​and translations: You can communicate in more than 15 languages ​​in this application. Furthermore, you can also translate the message from one language to another.

Specific chats: You can set a password for specific chats. This way, no one else can access your conversation.

Anti-deletion for messages: This version does not allow the sender to delete the messages. Now, you can have the real message at your fingertips.

App lock: You can set a password for the application, which can lock the application for better use.

Personalization: You can customize many things in the App, including the navigation bar, the background, the App icon, and the status bar.

Various media mods: Here are various media mods that will allow you more flexibility than original WhatsApp. This includes sending full resolution images, sharing more than 100 images at a time, original image size, sending up to 55MB video files, etc. Now it is possible to trim and send full-length videos to the story by splitting it.

Privacy Modifications: Various privacy modes ensure the privacy that is needed through AZWA that even the original WhatsApp application cannot provide. This mode stops the Internet connection between the application and the system.

Variety of services: The AZWhatsApp platform offers a variety of services: instant messaging, audio and video calls, voice memos, and uploading of multimedia content.

Anti-ban: The application works legally. You will never be restricted from the original App.

Online contact information: The application tells you when your contacts were online. This feature allows you to communicate effectively.

End-to-end encryption: Messages, images, and audio files sent within the chat are protected with end-to-end encryption. This encryption consists of a user privacy protection system that ensures that messages are read-only by the phone number they are sent to.

Lock the message: Double protection so that even though they can enter the AZWhatsApp application, they cannot see the contents of the message in it unless they hear the lock access

Change fonts and themes: Another advantage that can be found on AZWhatsApp is the support for various types of free themes that can be applied and change the available WhatsApp fonts from various cool variants. More than 3000 themes available and 30 fonts that can be customized according to taste.

The advantages of AZ WhatsApp

  • Answering the limitations of AZ WA can send large audio capacity.
  • Send high-quality images up to 10 in a single send.
  • There are many supported languages ​​from various countries.
  • Ability to send 50Mb video files.
  • Hide the check mark two in chat.
  • Set up automatic replies with customizable sentences.
  • Set status always online.
  • Change chat alert ticks, protect messages with the password.
  • A backup and reset feature is available.
  • Create status videos for up to 7 minutes.
  • And many more.

Lots of features and advantages of WA mod, right? But it is not uncommon for those who are still confused about how to install WA mod. In general, the install process is almost the same as the application that you get from the official store. The difference is that the user must grant installation permission from unknown sources.


  • With its speed and benefits, the WhatsApp application is very attractive. This allows users to reduce the amount of time they interact with people in their environment.
  • The creator of the platform released WhatsApp updates every month.
  • Many of these updates represent notable improvements in the functionality of the application. But the other updates are aesthetic changes that don’t provide improvements to the platform.
  • WhatsApp wants to share the phone number and some people want to keep this information private.
  • The WhatsApp application does not allow talking to people who do not have this service.
  • This is a disadvantage because not everyone has a smartphone or any other device that is compatible with WhatsApp.
  • By taking up space in your phone’s memory, applications can slow down other device functions, causing them to stop unexpectedly.

How to install AZWhatsapp APK?

After downloading the Apk file, the next step is to install it on the smartphone. There is a little preparation. I assume that after arriving at this stage you have downloaded the AZWhatsApp Apk file, if not, please download the button that is already available first.

Wait until the download is complete, the file size is quite small, and so it doesn’t take a long time. After completing the installation stage.

First grant permission by enabling unknown sources. The trick, please enter the smartphone settings menu, if you select Security> Permissions > Install from unknown sources > Activate.

Then once active, please go to the Apk file that was downloaded. Tap installs to continue with the installation from the Play store.

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What is the AZWhatsApp mod Apk?

AZ WhatsApp is an application for messaging, calling, sending files resulting from the original and stable Modified version. Being an alternative use that has many advantages and excellent features

Is AZWhatsApp legal?

You won’t have any problem downloading and using it. However, that doesn’t mean that the AZWhatsApp developer hasn’t violated some intellectual property rights. Because software also has laws.

Is AZWhatsApp safe?

AZWhatsApp is safe; at least we didn’t experience any problems. For now, there is no news about this app containing malware or any other behaviour related to violation of user privacy.

But depending on where the source of the application you get. We recommend downloading a mod application from a trusted site. And what we share has been tested and 100% safe.


With the new version of WhatsApp that we have just presented to you here, we are sure and certain that you will enjoy the new, interesting and impressive features in your Android; you just need to click on the download button above, then you can Download AZWhatsApp Apk for your Android.

We will be happy to see your comments on this application in the comments section of our website. Do not hesitate to share this post through the various social networks to make this new version of WhatsApp known to you. Hope this post helped run AZ WhatsApp on an Android phone. More updates of this mod app are coming. So, stay tuned.

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