Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK 4.5.116 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is an arcade game on Android and iOS released. If in other zombie games you become a human, then in this game you become a zombie who will prey on humans. The concept of the Zombie Tsunami is the same endless runner as Subway Surfers. You are required to run after the target, in this case, humans, and avoid various obstacles to keep running.

Not only playing one zombie, but you can also control a group of zombies that are your troops. The more zombies you collect, you can prey on more humans and your chances of running are longer.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

Zombie Tsunami Apk is an Arcade Game developed by a famous game company. Where you will have a character in the form of a Zombie Segerombalan, to destroy the city and attack pedestrians to become a Zombie too. You can also destroy various places and vehicles, which block the path of the Zombie hordes. So the more zombies you will control. You have to be careful every trip there will be various kinds of obstacles. Such as bombs, moving vehicles, earthquakes, ravines, and others.

But you don’t worry about it, because in this game you can get items that can transform the Zombie into Tsunami, RiderZ, Mecha, GiantZ, Dragon, QuarterBack, Ninja, Gold, UFO, and Baloon. And also you can get various types of pets with different skills so that you can help the Zombie survive to get as many brain points as possible and reach the highest score.

Features of Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

There are some features available in Zombie Tsunami and you can only get them if you download Zombie Tsunami. Enjoy the features? Come on, check the explanation here.

Control a horde of zombies 

With the Zombie Tsunami, you control a horde of zombies and attack the city. By turning people on the road into zombies, you can expand your flock further. You have to try to destroy everything that gets in your way.

Unlimited Coins

For those of you who like to use Android game cheat to get a rich quick and easy win, now you don’t need to do it to get unlimited coins in the Zombie Tsunami game, gang. In the game, you can get coins that will not run out even though you have used them to buy various items in this game. You can spend the coins you have to buy a wide selection of accessories, zombie birds, and skill upgrades. Thus, the benefits you can get are very much if you have unlimited coins.

Zombie Tsunami Accessories

In this crazy zombie game, you can track your gang the way you like it. Of course, before you have to play and collect the gold coins to buy objects or accessories. Among them are police hats, cowboy hats, Elvis wigs, Rock crests, caps, etc

Unlimited Diamonds

Besides can be unlimited coins, you can also be diamond alias-free Gem amounts not endless, gang. Just like coins, you can use this feature to buy various items in the game that can help you win more easily. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your diamonds running out if you spend them. If you download Zombie Tsunami, you are free to buy any item in this game without fear of running out of diamonds or coins.

Very fun game

Zombie Tsunami is a very fun game to play in your spare time or just to have fun for a while. It is an extensive game which you can play as many times as you want. It is straightforward to play; there are different places. It is very accessible to buy accessories; there is a lot of variety of clothes to buy for your zombies, among others.

How to Download the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK?

Especially for installing an application or game from a download, in other words, instead of installing directly from the Play store or App store, then you must follow the steps in the tutorial how to install below:

  • Enter the settings menu – privacy – check/check the install from unknown sources
  • Unknown Sources setting.
  • Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk
  • When finished, then you can install the downloaded Apk

The final word

That’s an awesome explanation about the Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk game. Don’t forget to download this game, gang, so you can experience the thrill of being a zombie for yourself. Guaranteed you will be addicted to continue playing it.

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