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This WhatsApp Pro Apk is a unique app and its modification in question is the addition of various interesting features that will not be found in the original WhatsApp version. Even though it's only a modified application, it's definitely guaranteed for safety.
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GB WhatsApp Pro APK version is a slightly modified version. It has special features that are not accessible in the original GBWA, and any other WhatsApp mod. The best premium WhatsApp can only get with this build. In this case, we can guarantee. One of the best things about this application; you can spy on another WhatsApp account from your account. In other words, with this GBWhatsApp Pro, you can spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s account. Isn’t that great?

Special and one of the most sought after features. You can also take advantage of the many options available on popular WhatsApp mods these days.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK

GB WhatsApp Pro APK 

This WhatsApp Pro Apk is a unique app and its modification in question is the addition of various interesting features that will not be found in the original WhatsApp version. Even though it’s only a modified application, it’s definitely guaranteed for safety.

Even though there are still lots of WhatsApp modifications that can be found. However, for now, the most popular WhatsApp mod application used by smartphone users is the GB WhatsApp pro. Many users find it facilitated by the full range of features in it. Therefore that is the reason why GB WA is more popular than official WhatsApp. Also, there are many types and how to use them is very easy. Are you curious? Now here we will tell about the features of this unique app.

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Different types of themes

The different types of GB WhatsApp application themes can be used very easily.  In the WhatsApp the theme option is limited but in it is this option is different from WhatsApp, namely standard and dark.

You can manage more accounts

It is recommended that you use the WhatsApp application so that you can manage two accounts on one smartphone.

Option for sending data at a large size

When using the GB WhatsApp application, you can send video data up to 50 MB and audio data up to 100 MB. It’s different if you use standard applications for the maximum amount of data transmission; both audio and the video do not reach that number.

Apart from that, you can also send data at a large size status. This makes it easier for you when creating a video status. On the standard WhatsApp application, you can only create a 30-second video status. However, with this application, you can create a video status that is up to 7 minutes long.

Message status can hide

There are three kinds of status on WhatsApp, first, check one which shows that the smartphone of the number owner you are calling is not active. Second, check two, which means the message you sent has been received but has not been read. Third, check two and it is blue, which means the message has been sent and read.

The existence of this status can be detrimental for some people, especially those of you who are not happy to chat. When you activate this feature, the status cannot be seen even though you have opened an incoming message.

The right solution for increasing the number of media

When you want to send photos via standard WhatsApp, the number is limited to a maximum of 10. This is certainly not effective if you want to send a large number of photos.The presence of the GB WhatsApp application provides the right solution because now you can send many photos at once. Experimental results prove that the application is capable of sending up to 90 photos in one delivery.

Lock messages option

WhatsApp provides a feature that can be used to lock messages and applications. You cannot find this feature in ordinary applications.

Save the status 

You can’t copy or download your friend’s status on WhatsApp. If you are interested in the status of a friend, be it a poster or a video, you must ask directly. However, with the GB WhatsApp application, you can immediately save the status of the friends you want.

Reply to messages automatically

When you are busy this feature of the app really helps you to reply to messages automatically. An example is you can set up automatic messages to reply to chats after 12 am. Also, you can tell that the owner is taking a break.

Choose various fonts

This feature allows you to choose various fonts as you wish without having to root. This makes you more comfortable when chatting. The messages you send are not monotonous.


In the GB WhatsApp application, the Anti-banned feature is a must. This app is not an official application. With this feature, you can rest easy because your account is safe and will not be blocked.

GB WhatsApp pro APK

How to use and download GB WhatsApp pro APK?

The process of using GB WhatsApp apk is basically almost the same as using the official version of WhatsApp. The download process for the GB WhatsApp application cannot be done through Play store. Therefore you have to download it via the download links.

For steps to use WhatsApp Pro APK, they are as follows:

  • Open the website to download the application in Apk format. The latest version of the WhatsApp application can be downloaded here.
  • Open the Apk file then install
  • If you get a request to allow the Apk to be installed from another source, please allow
  • After application
  • When the application is installed, you can use GB WhatsApp Pro Apk for your number

Pros and Cons

Many people think that WhatsApp has various features and advantages that will not be found on official WhatsApp. Even so, it doesn’t mean that GB WhatsApp pro has no flaws at all. Each application certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages, including GB WhatsApp.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages when using GB WhatsApp, including:


  • Some features are much more complete than the official version.
  • feature-complete
  • Can be used in smartphones of various specifications, including smartphones with low specifications.
  • Can be used as a dual application on only one smartphone.


  • There are account restrictions so that at any time the application can be locked and get banned in its use.
  • Use is riskier if using a patent number or not a temporary number.

For now, chatting applications like WhatsApp are already widely used by almost everyone who uses smartphones. What’s more, this application is available on all platforms. Be it iOS, Android, Java OS, or others.


One of the best features in this app; Spy Someone WhatsApp account. If you are interested in how it works, try now GBWhatsApp Pro Apk on your Android device.

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