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FMWhatsApp APK is one of the options for those looking for an Apk with a WhatsApp mod. By downloading the FMWhatsapp latest version, you can use features that are not available in the official WhatsApp application. 
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FMWhatsApp APK is one of the options for those looking for an Apk with a WhatsApp mod. By downloading the FMWhatsapp latest version, you can use features that are not available in the official WhatsApp application.  FMWhatsapp is a modified version and it is the best alternative to the original WhatsApp messenger.

This app adds multiple missing features of the original WhatsApp. Try the mode to maximize the potential of your app and enjoy unlimited features like sending large files, changing themes, hiding your last seen, and being virtually offline.

FMWhatsapp APK 

Describe FMWhatsApp APK

With one of the different MOD versions of WhatsApp Messenger, FMWhatsApp, it is possible to take advantage of many features that are not included in the original version. FMWhatsApp Apk is an application with different features such as using multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

Fixing the last seen, extending the story duration, locking the message, hiding the blue tick, closing the blue microphone, turning off the typing phrase. You can enjoy the colorful themes from the library that have many options to choose from.

This app is from Google Play Store although it is not available; you can easily download the latest version of the application from our site. FMWhatsApp uses the same server as the official WhatsApp application and all conversations are end-to-end encrypted. Start using FMWhatsApp right now to make your WhatsApp more fun with different themes, fonts, and icons.

Best Functions of FMWhatsapp APK 

This is the specialty of downloading FMWhatsapp and above versions. Users can choose two things: use double WhatsApp on a cell phone with two different numbers, or use WhatsApp with this modified application instead of the official application.

You only need to download the FMWhatsapp application if you want to use WhatsApp. Meanwhile, if you want to use it as the main WhatsApp without removing WhatsApp, you can back up messages on Google Drive first. Then, when downloading FM WA, users only need to enter the backup file from the drive so that all conversations can be restored.

Key Features of FMWhatsapp APK 

The following are the unique features of the new FMWA:

Can turn off last seen

Last Seen in WhatsApp shows when the last time we were online was. Now in the original version, we can turn off Last Seen too. But there is a drawback; we also can’t see Last Seen from other people. At WhatsApp FM, this can be overcome. We can set Last Seen so that it is not visible to other people, but we can still see when the last time someone else was online in WA.

Option to hide view status

Sometimes we want to see the status of other people, but we don’t want to be seen if we peek at their status. In the WA FM mod, we can easily set this up. So, our privacy is also better protected.

 Advanced customization

  • Make changes in the font family
  • High-quality image sharing
  • Dark user interface (UI) options
  • Custom notification icon
  • Modify the colors of the navigation bar, status bar, background, and operation bar
  • Change application icon

FMWhatsApp APK

 Blue ticks, only after we reply

For example, we see a WA message sent by someone else, and then the message will be blue check two. The sender of the message will know that we have read the message. If you don’t want the above, you can set it on WhatsApp FM. We can set the messages read to be blue ticks, only after we reply to the message. If you just read it, the blue checkbox won’t appear.

More private

When we type in WA or record a voice, the typing or recording status will appear on our chat opponent. If you don’t want to be seen, just activate this status. You can also be calmer, more private.

Send messages to other numbers, without saving 

This is a pretty useful feature too. In FMWhatsapp mod, we can send messages to other numbers, without having to save the number to our contacts first. Quite useful when we want to ask questions about selling online, huh? No need to bother saving your opponent’s chat number first.

Accompanied by a forwarded tag

If we forward a message to a group of other people, it will always be accompanied by a forwarded tag. If you wish, this tag can be removed. So it’s like you just type the result directly, even though the results are just forwarding the message.

Filter Contacts 

For example, you don’t want to receive calls in WA, but want certain people to be able to make phone/video calls with you. On FM WA, you can manage this easily.

Deleted messages stored option

If this feature is activated, every status and message that appears on your WA will still be there. The sender or contact may delete it, but on WA FM it will still be stored. This is not found in the original WA version.

More Relieved Display Settings

Another thing you can do is adjust the appearance of WhatsApp as you wish. There are many themes that you can use easily. Not only the WA theme, but you can also adjust other things like colors, fonts, and other things quickly.

Secure WhatsApp

Official WhatsApp has no special safeguards. This is different from this modified WhatsApp. With FMWhatsapp, users can lock WhatsApp. Not only that, but users can also hide their online status and typing status so that they will not be visible when typing messages or when opening WhatsApp.

Video calls turn off the option

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable when we get video calls from other people. Usually more comfortable with the phone or just chatting, except with people we really know. Well, in this way mod, you can just turn off the video call feature. There are settings in the settings.

FMWhatsapp APK

Some Disadvantages of FMWhatsapp APK

Apart from the features and advantages of FM WhatsApp above, there are also some drawbacks. Many FMWhatsapp users have complained about this deficiency.

  • Many users have complained about slow or lagging message sending and receiving. Sometimes it can take hours for it to appear or be sent.
  • Many say that developers can see our conversation. Even though this is still conjecture, it’s good to be on guard too.

This is the information about FMWhatsapp that we present. Hope this is useful for you.

How to Install and Use the Latest Version of FMWhatsapp APK?

Installing FMWA to a cell phone is easy to do, just like installing regular WhatsApp.

Enter the settings: To download this application, you must first permit the device to install from unknown sources. Allow the device to download from other than the Google Play Store.

Click on the link: After allowing the device, it is time to click on the link provided to install the application on the device.

Enter a phone number: After agreeing to the applicable terms, now is the time to enter your cell phone number. Make sure the number is active and will indeed be used as a WhatsApp number.

After going through all the steps, now FMWhatsApp Apkcan be used. Downloading FMWhatsapp will not lag your phone, and everything remains the same as when using the official WhatsApp released on the Play Store.

FAQs about FMWhatsapp APK

What makes the FM WhatsApp different from WhatsApp?

Both applications, either the original version or the modified version, are designed to communicate with family and friends. Texting, sending pictures, videos, and much more can be done in both apps. The difference lies in the features they contain. FM WhatsApp is a third-party modified version of WhatsApp. The modified APP has better features than the original.

Why FMWhatsApp APK? It’s good?

As we have discussed above, FM WhatsApp is the modified version, which means that it comes with some of the most requested features that were not present in the original version. The developers add features related to security, privacy, and ease of access to make the user experience better than the official version.

How can we download FM WhatsApp apk from?

FM WhatsApp, as we said, is a version modified by third parties, so it cannot be downloaded from the play store. The only trusted source from which you can download “FM WhatsApp” is our site. There are several websites available in the market that offers either a bogus application or applications that may come with malware or adware. So we suggest that you download the latest version of FM WhatsApp only from a trusted source.


WhatsApp has always been with us for a long time, and we love to use it, but being an official version makes it put some limitations. There were a few things we asked for, but unfortunately, WhatsApp couldn’t add all those demanded features for some reason. So the question that arises here is why to settle for less when you can get a lot out of the same application.

“FMWhatsapp” easily outperforms the official version of WhatsApp with its amazing features. Various features like freezing last seen, disabling forward tag on messages. And hiding status from view takes WhatsApp FM to a new level. It’s like giving users full freedom. So go ahead and give it a try, trust me, you won’t stop using it once you install it. Download now the FM WhatsApp Apk from the download link.

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