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WhatsApp Mix APK – Social networks are in common use these days. People share media, watch videos and enjoy other things that are trending on various social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. One of the most widely used social media applications is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a messaging application designed to send audio and video files during a conversation. WhatsApp works very fast compared to other messaging applications and a great way of communicating with people from all over the world.

WhatsApp Mix APK

But because some of the privacy policies offered by WhatsApp limit its users, many developers have developed a modified version of WhatsApp to satisfy WhatsApp application users. Apart from the well-known WhatsApp Mods such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp, there is a new WA Mod that is worth trying, namely WhatsApp Mix.

WhatsApp Mix APK 

Before discussing features, it is also important to know more about what WhatsApp Mix Apk is. This type of WA is a variant or type of WhatsApp application that has been modified. With modifications made by the developers, the modified WhatsApp MOD will usually have better and more complete advantages and features than the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mix is one of the WA MOD variants developed by developers who are experienced in modifying applications. The developer, who calls himself Nairo Mix, has perfectly managed to integrate various popular WhatsApp MOD features into the WhatsApp Mix. The WA Mix currently circulating is available in 2 versions, namely 3D and 2D versions. In terms of the actual features of the two versions, there is no difference. But if you like the 3D UI, then you can try the WhatsApp Mix 3D version.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Mix APK?

As you know, in the world of social media you need to share photos, videos, and messages for that.You have an instant messaging application, namely WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp has the common features provided. That is why WhatsApp mod is needed by users because it has so many interesting and cool features compared to the original WhatsApp.

Because there are so many WA Mod applications available with almost the same features, we recommend WhatsApp Mix. WhatsApp Mix is ​​a WA Mod with a mix of features available in other WA Mods. That’s why you have to try and use WhatsApp Mix.

Key Features

Now as for the features that WhatsApp Mix has, you can read some of them in a short review below:

  • Back up your data on WhatsApp

This feature is similar to the original version of WhatsApp. This data backup or data backup feature functions to back up your data on WA such as message data, calls, photos, and others. This data backup feature is not available in all MOD applications. This is what makes WhatsApp Mix more special than other WhatsApp MOD variants.

  • 24-hour online feature

Would you like your friends or everyone you connect with on WA to see you online every second on WA? If so, then this feature will make that happen. With this 24-hour online feature, you can set up to look online at any time, even though you are offline.

  • Multimedia

WhatsApp Mix offers many multimedia related features. By using it, you can share large videos and audio. 50+ high-quality images can be sent at once.

WhatsApp Mix APK

  • Customization

User interface customization can be done in this application. You can customize icons, conversation bubbles, fonts, and more. All of this can be done on a small scale compared to the others.

  • Multi-Accounts

This means that you can use more than one account on one cell phone. So if you have want to have a second and third WhatsApp account for a long time, then with WhatsApp Mix that wishes can be realized immediately. You can also install and use WhatsApp together with the official WhatsApp application.

  • Message lock feature

Unlike the application, lock features that many other types of WA MOD offer, this feature works by locking messages or WhatsApp chats without locking the application. So in simple terms, other people can still open the WhatsApp application on their cell phones. However, certain chats or messages that you have locked will not be able to be opened. This message lock feature has several locking methods, namely by pin, password, and pattern.

  • Download the status

Friend status is sometimes so interesting that it makes you want to download the status. But on the official WA application, this is impossible because the download status feature doesn’t exist yet. Fortunately for WhatsApp Mix users, downloading friend status is now not impossible because WhatsApp is already equipped with a feature to download status.

  • Change the shape of each element 

A very interesting feature that you will probably try often is the custom appearance. With this feature change the shape of each element in the WhatsApp Mix. You can change the icon on the WhatsApp Mix on the cell phone screen or change its shape with this feature.

  • Change the application theme at will

With this feature, WhatsApp Mix users can change the application theme at will. Not only that, but users can also change the theme colors and chat bubble colors to make it look unique and attractive. Well, that’s a brief review of WA Mix’s excellent features. Please note, besides the features above, WA also has other features that are ready to provide a different experience to its users.

WhatsApp Mix APK Installation Process

After downloading the WA Mix Apk file, you can follow the following steps:

  • First, please activate the installation mode from unknown sources on your cell phone.
  • After that, please click on the WhatsApp Mix Apk file that you downloaded earlier.
  • The installation process will automatically run.
  • After the installation process is complete, you can now login or register for a new WA account with the usual sim card number.

What should be noted if you don’t want to use multiple WA accounts, then before deleting the official WA application and replacing it with WhatsApp Mix, you should first backup your chat data. Because that way, later if you want you can restore the chat or chat backup when logging in to WA.

Is WhatsApp Mix APK Safe?

Many are still doubtful and ask whether WhatsApp Mix is ​​safe to use. Now our advice, you should use this WA as a backup account or a second WA account. No virus or malware founded in the WA Mix app. However, we should be aware of the code embedded in this application. Because the developer is not an official developer, there may be malicious code embedded in this application.

The final word

That’s a little review about WhatsApp Mix Apk. If my friend is looking for a unique and interesting WhatsApp mod, maybe this WhatsApp mod is worth a try. That is what we can describe the features of WA Mix, how to download WhatsApp Mix and how to install it completely. It can be an additional reference for all readers. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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