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Network Spoofer APK is a utility for Android that allows you to redirect traffic to a specific website, change image parameters, and modify search queries.
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November 16, 2021
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Network Spoofer APK is a utility for Android that allows you to redirect traffic to a specific website, change image parameters, and modify search queries. Works best on an open network, but can support WPA/WPA2 protected networks. The application allows you to redirect all third-party traffic through your mobile device and save the received data.

If you want to know who is on your Wifi and you want to scare them. You should definitely download the application. It allows you to send or block data to users who connect to your WI-FI network. This app is easy to use and quite intuitive.

Network Spoofer APK

Using the latest Network Spoofer Apk, you can control other people’s devices and make various changes to them. You can use your phone to perform this operation on any device connected to the Wifi network. To do this, you only need to log in to the Network Spoofer with a Wifi connection.

In this case, your mobile device or Android device must be rooted. Then select any cheat and press the start button. There are many commands in this latest web Spoofer; you just need to open them. You can use configuration options to determine the device to attack.

In this way, the other end can better understand what will happen if the device is hacked. But remember, this is just for fun. Never use the app on any company or non-residential network. This way you can be considered a serious hacker. When using this application, we must ensure that it will not cause harm to anyone. We can use it to intimidate those who unnecessarily use our Wifi network or play with friends.

Send jokes to users of a Wifi network

This Network Spoofer Apk app is oriented to play jokes in an easy way and can be handled by any inexperienced Android user, when opening it we accept root permissions and click on Start. Next, we will see 15 jokes, such as changing the address of the web pages that you choose, and thus all users of the Wi-Fi network will only be able to access that page or change the characters of a web page.

When choosing a joke, a window like the one shown in the photo on the left will appear with three options. The options that we must choose are the first call Default gateway, below this option in small numbers the local IP of the router where we are should appear connected. Once we are inside the Default gateway, the application lets us choose if we want to play the joke on a single user of the Wi-Fi network or if we want to choose only one.

Network Spoofer APK Features

The app in question is available for the Android operating system, although however, you can scare any individual regardless of the equipment they are using.

Several Options

If there are several connected devices, you should not worry, since you can select specifically the one you want. Among the “tricks” available are changing the text on the screen, rotating the images, altering the results of the searches carried out on the internet, changing the images on the web pages for the ones you want.

Block all the advertising

You can block all the advertising that appears on the website or you can make sure that when you try to search for something online, is always opened.

Complete Inadvertently 

The application works completely inadvertently, so the other person will not realize that they are playing a prank. Also, they will be very surprised without knowing what happens on their PC or phone.

Fun at the expense of the others

For those who are tired of strangers stealing unsecured Wi-Fi networks, or simply wanting to have fun at the expense of others, Digital squid has created the Network Spoofer app that lets you prank anyone connected to virtually any Wi-Fi network available.

The app can replace images

Users of the app can replace, blur or flip images, redirect browsers to specific links and videos, and change Google searches. And all this using an Android device (Root access required). Of course, to carry out your plan, you must be connected to the same network as your victim.

The app gives exactly

The app gives exactly what you expect from it. It works in one click and relatively quickly follows your orders. Some of the commands (for example, image replacement) can be quite problematic when it comes to complex sites, but the user of the application hardly cares about the user experience of the victim.


Another disadvantage is that the application is very power-hungry. After just an hour of using the app, the battery power is reduced. For such an innovative application, the charging duration is not a basic requirement,

Network Spoofer is all in all

All in all, Network Spoofer is a fun app that will make the user laugh. Digital squid is of course not responsible for the consequences of using the app. But if you’re out of ideas for an April fool’s Day joke, Network Spoofer is a great option.

How to install Network Spoofer Apk?

  • Open the saved APK file and continue. Some users may experience installation not starting. Android restricts this by default.
  • Open the downloaded APK file. If this is your first time, a pop-up message with a warning will appear.
  • Click on Settings.
  • You should now allow the installation of Network Spoofer Apk from this source.
  • Press the open button.
  • Open the APK file again.
  • Click the Install button.


If you want to know who is on your Wifi and you want to scare them, you should definitely download the Network Spoofer Apk. It allows you to send or block data to users who connect to your Wi-Fi network. It is a wonderful fun app and very easy to use.

The app has its drawbacks. First, before using Network Spoofer, you need to download a file of approximately 120MB. This is okay, although it makes it impossible to start using Network Spoofer immediately after installation.

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