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YouTube Vanced is an advanced version of the official YouTube application. This allows us to watch videos without video advertising.
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December 20, 2021
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YouTube Vanced MOD APK, as its first name suggests, is an alternative application to YouTube for Android. But it is not an alternative like Twitch. Which is a different platform; rather it is an app for the same Google service but with advantages.

The main one may be the option to play music with the screen of our mobile or tablet turned off. But this app offers us much more to enjoy the streaming video to a greater extent.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

YouTube Vanced is an advanced version of the official YouTube application. This allows us to watch videos without video advertising. YouTube Vanced is totally ad-free, as the Youtube ad blocker is injected into the original application.

YouTube Vanced allows us to do things that the official Google app, available in the Play Store, does not allow us. From playing music with the screen off, as we already said, to eliminate the ads that are played before, during, and after the videos. And adding many other functions and features such as forcing playback in HDR mode.

The problem with this app is that the ‘easy’ way to install it is by having root permissions. If we are not rooted, then we will have to install microg first, which is something of an alternative to Google Play Services.

What Are The Differences Between Youtube Vanced From Normal Youtube?

  • Built-in ad blocking
  • Run in the background
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Ability to watch in resolutions that are not valid on your device
  • Ability to customize with black/dark and other themes
  • Video repeat setting
  • And many new features we can’t count

Latest app for android without rooting

Experts believe they are non-rooted, they are popular because they get all installation guidelines and use them, however, microgram the kit is recommended for Youtube user, Vanced Apk on the non-rooted device so they can get more utilities. Additionally, the user will not be allowed to log in to the app without receiving the Microg kit for non-rooted android.

Amazing Features 

Popular video platform: It is a Youtube customer with additional features that allows you to use the popular video platform for streaming. It is very important to remember that these additional features do not have video downloads.

Videos in the background: It lets you listen to videos in the background even when you turn off your Smartphone’s screen. And that is the most interesting part of YouTube Vanced. With this, you can listen to music and use YouTube to listen to podcasts anytime.

Block all ads: Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is that you can block all ads on your videos. Of course, you can enable and disable this option at any time, but it is turned on by default.

Alternative client: YouTube Vanced is an alternative YouTube client that lets you listen to videos in the background, block ads, and customize your content. The details of the picture use the ‘Repeat Video’ option, and more. All from an interface that is identical to the original client.

Based on YouTube API: The main user interface and functionalities are exactly like Google’s YouTube app.

Background Playback: You can listen to music/audio in the background as Vanced comes with background video playback.

You mode image embedded: Pop -up video for multitasking, you can watch the video while performing other tasks on the mobile phone with a picture in picture mode. In simple words, you can shrink the video to take a small portion of your screen so you can do other things on your device.

Save offline: Just like the original YouTube app, you can save the videos offline.

Control cards: Enable/disable annotations and suggestions Cards in videos.

No Root: The app works without root, you can use it on any Android device without any system access problem. Although there is a non-root version.

Support and Stability: It supports Android 4.4+ and the application is highly stable

Parallel use: You can use the application together with the original default application. The app has a different package and can run alongside the original YouTube app. So you don’t need to uninstall the default YouTube app to use YouTube Vanced.

HDR mode: You can force the application to use HDR or forced HDR, which will greatly improve the video quality.

Override Resolution: Override the maximum resolution to make the trailer display the video in the quality not enabled for your device.

Pinch to Zoom: You can zoom out to enlarge the video and cover the entire aspect of the screen.

Slide controls: You can control volume and brightness with simple gesture control that allows you to fully explore the Vanced app.

Removed Settings: You also get custom settings for the advanced app with more granular control over video playback and preference.

Is it safe to use YouTube Vanced MOD APK?

It offers the same features as the official YouTube app, as well as identical configuration options. It also works with Microg, a fully validated platform that relies on Google services to offer an alternative store. On the other hand, YouTube Vanced MOD Apk has its own official page, where you can get information and download the app from the same website.

Another story is the return that YouTube shows. In recent changes to the Terms of Use the platform took place, a kind of clause that allowed legalizing her blocking and suspension of accounts if they were no longer commercially viable, that is, not consumed ads on videos or included they hired service premium for being using an alternative platform.

The amazing application for YouTube with everything you wanted

This is different from the formal app that gives you everything you were looking for. Downloading videos, playing with the screen off…

If we count all the hours that Android users spend in the applications, we are convinced that YouTube would be number one. Interestingly, it is also one of the most battery consuming since it needs the screen to play videos, even if it is music.

YouTube Vanced is an old acquaintance of many androids as it is one of the best alternatives to the official application. It is a development that remains alive to offer those who test the app exactly what they need and what is not available on YouTube for Android.

Vanced is a living development that has a multitude of versions and variations; works with root and also without root by installing a plugin; it is not a dangerous app as it is safe; and it looks identical to the official YouTube app, so it offers the same convenience.

Download and install Youtube vanced MOD APK

The way to get Youtube Vanced MOD APK not far from the existing one. We know that we can download from different sources, all fully corroborated in terms of safety. To download the Youtube app vanced, you must do the following:

  • Download vanced Manager, where accessing install the latest version of the APK
  • Once installed, proceed to install Youtube vanced. Before that, we must do the same with microg because otherwise, it will be impossible.
  • An installing vanced will appear in several settings such as language or theme to choose from .Youtube vanced settings
  • Upon completion, we open the app without doing any more homework, although in principle no sign. Youtube vanced app
  • We must start manually through microg, which uses Google interface to detect our own. And, we see again our tendency to create videos and playlists created.


Can I use YouTube Vanced on my iOS device or PC?

We apologize that we only provide Apk for android devices. You can install Blue stacks on your computer to enable Vanced Apk installation if you want to use YouTube Vanced on your computer.

Is YouTube Vanced free?

Yes, it is free to download and install YouTube Vanced.

How does YouTube Vanced work?

Vanced is a living development that has a multitude of versions and variations; works with ROOT and also without ROOT; it is not a dangerous app as it is safe; and it looks identical to the official YouTube app, so it offers the same convenience.

How we watch videos with the screen off?

One is to click on the Share button of the YouTube video you want to play, choose to Play with VLC and, click on the options drop-down in the lower right corner and choose Play as audio.


This preserves quality, and setting the background is very useful if you want to enjoy music or podcasts. For this reason, people all over the world prefer to install the YouTube version of Team Viewer from the official Play Store app.

With YouTube Vanced MOD Apk you can play videos with the screen off, download them, you have the playback available in PIP or floating window, you will also see them without ads.

And with exclusive settings that only Vanced provides, such as different themes, forced playback codec’s, auto replay. And many more options. It is the best application for YouTube with everything. Vanced is one of the most popular and used app. Just try it out to find out why: you’ll have everything you were looking for on YouTube at the touch of a button.

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