Download Strava MOD APK 247.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Strava MOD APK: Those who ride the bike will soon hear the name Strava. Strava is the most widely used sports application all over the world. At first glance, it seems to have a very simple function, but this is actually the tip of the iceberg.

We keep track of the effort and effort we make while doing sports and use them to improve ourselves when necessary. Of course, there are other alternative applications to Strava MOD APK. But this practice, used by the vast majority, is hard to be rejected.

It can be used both with an application on mobile phones and with an interface from a computer site. The goals of both forms are of course different. It’s impossible to take the computer with you and record your ride. You can do this with the mobile phone application. However, computer use is either the only option or a more appropriate approach in making some settings and analyzing the data in detail.

Strava MOD APKĀ 

The Strava application for cycling, running, swimming, walking, hiking and other sports makes sports activity that is not just looking for sweat. But also monitoring progress, training patterns, competitions, games, and social media. Since appearing from 2009 to 2020. There have been around 50 million registered users and 30 billion sports activities uploaded to Strava MOD APK.

One of the most popular and fast-growing sports apps is Strava. Ease of use, tons of features, social networking with no time and space limits, connectivity with sports gadgets and accessories. And ever-growing support makes Strava take the sport to a different dimension. From cycling or amateur runners to pro athletes joining a community, motivating each other, competing with each other, analyzing performance, and trying to achieve their respective goals.

Advantages of Strava MOD APK

Let us see what the benefits are and what we can get and do with Strava for sports activities.


Strava application users can record and view traces, plotting on a map, including distance, time, speed, elevation, and other data from their sports activities, such as bicycles, running, roads, canoes/boats, electric bicycles, hiking, other moving sports. This data will be stored as a personal record that we can share; we can also add photos and other information.


Not only as personal data, but we also have the option if we want to share grades, schedules, results, routes, and more with others. This includes seeing or following friends, other people or people around us, to see what activities, how, where they exercise.


Motivation and competition are things that are difficult to obtain if you exercise alone. We don’t know whether our speed is fast or slow, we are lazy to run alone, we don’t know a good and comfortable route for cycling. By seeing what our friends are doing, we will be more enthusiastic about doing the same things and maybe doing more than others.

How to use Strava MOD APK?

It is not just for running or racing bikes in mapped urban areas. Off-road mountain biking, running, hiking, and swimming in areas that do not have a clear map is also very possible. Later a new route will appear based on what we are going through. Strava Apk can also be used with or without a Smartphone.

A Smartphone or PC can only function as a place to upload data or process data and other features, or it can also be a GPS that we can replace with other devices to measure the coordinates and the work we do.


The world with globalization has changed in many ways, the appearance of digital technology, digital devices, computers, mobile phones, have allowed the connection of all the inhabitants of planet earth. For its part, in the sports and recreation field, technology could not be left behind, and now athletes have the Strava Mod Apk.

Strava is more than a simple digital application. It is the social network for athletes, adventurers, hikers, and lovers of outdoor activities. Since it is a performance tracking and recording application that you can download from a mobile device with an Android or iPhones operating system. So enjoy this amazing application and stay safe!

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