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Stick Shadow War Fight Apk is a good game with decent graphics, simple controls, and multiple characters. The player first has to choose a character and go to the field, where he will have to wait for the opponent. To defeat the enemy, the fighter will need to use all available skills and techniques. However, the enemy has the same ability in every battle that makes him stronger, so the player will need to go as far as possible in every battle.

Stick Shadow War Fight APK


Name Stick Shadow War Fight
Size 47 MB
Update 2020
Category Action
Version 2.0.3

Stick Shadow War Fight APK

Stick Shadow Fighters are characters who are prepared in the performance of destroying their opponents with striking moves and Stickman superhuman SSJ attacks. Have you trained to be a soldier for teens? Or is your interest involved in your life? Think about what your goals will be. Do you want to gain something, to be strong to protect someone, or do you just want to fight strong opponents?


Rebuild Dragon Ball Battles

Stickman Sick Shadow: Warfare, fantastic fighting with amazing gameplay, becomes one of our childhood favourites characters. As always in this type of this Apk, has touch buttons in both lower corners of the screen to play your character. So, in addition to a Motion Joyce Stick that lets you move freely and even fly, we have buttons for reloading, kicking and punching, blocking, and special attacks.

Lots of characters for different game modes

Once you have mastered the control of this game, you can choose from five modes with four difficulty levels. The style of play is something like this: “Story, Versus. Tower, Tournaments, Training.

A large Number of Fighters

We can choose from a large number of fighters, even offering us some people who don’t even fight in real manga or mobile phones like Balms. However, they all have slightly different names due to copyright. In the beginning, we would only have a few of them. On the other hand, characters unlocked by earning from our battles, by watching commercials, or by buying characters with real money.

Fun with Multiple Options

The game is amazing and very fun with multiple options. The only downside is that we have to see advertisements between battles. And it eventually becomes annoying and lightens the experience a bit.

Stick Shadow War Fight APK

46 Special Tricks

Each character has 46 unique tricks that they can unlock to bring their opponent down to hell. This is the most interesting part of the combat gameplay, of course, because this is where you will find the most interesting style and where you will be able to show the skill and dominance of your character.

Tournament method

This is where 16 players go to a fully-fledged tournament to become champions. This is a very competitive game mode and one that will probably challenge you the most. What will it take for you to become the final champion? Let’s find out

The style of the story

It’s a long story that allows you to travel to every corner of the sports world and become the champion and hero you are destined to be. This is the most complex aspect of the game and it has a unique storyline full of dialogue and emphasis that will keep you mesmerized and take you on a journey like no other mode.

Versus Mode

This is a PVP mode where you can challenge another player for three stages. The winner will decide on the basis of who performs best in these three rounds. It’s one of the most popular, and it’s reminiscent of Mortal Combat and other classic fighter games from your childhood.

Four Game Modes

There are four modes of play the first is the training mode. That’s where you started. It can give you control of the game and execute the mechanics and make you like what kind of fighter you like.

How to Download?

  • If you want Stick Shadow War Fight APK you must first have internet access to getting any type of file from the internet.
  • If you are reading this article on our website then it will be easy for you to get the file of this game.
  • You can see a download button on the same page which will be helpful as a key.
  • And then after that few simple steps, your file will automatically start.
  • After waiting for a while, you can see your downloaded file by going to your phone storage.

Stick Shadow War Fight APK

How to Install?

  • After completing the above process then Stick Shadow War Fight APK you will find this file in your phone’s storage
  • Once you click on the downloaded file, the install button will display in front of you
  • If there is a setting issue in installing, go to setting and check/yes to unknown resources
  • After setting, when you open the file again, the install button will ready to show. Click on it
  • After that few easy steps, your file installation finishes, and you can see its icon on your phone along with the rest of your applications.


Stick Shadow War Fight APK Developed by Red Bean Studios, it takes us so deep into Dragon Ball’s exciting battles that we may forget that its main characters are just wigs and costumed stickmen. This is great two-way fighting for Android devices with multiple game modes and a huge character line-up.

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