Payback 2-The Battle Sandbox APK Download For Android

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Payback 2-The Battle Sandbox APK: The mega polis you live in is no longer quiet and peaceful, as it has recently disrupted by local authorities and there is complete chaos. At the centre of all events, the main hero has to cross the streets with the help of tanks and missile launchers and clear the streets. All those who were previously in prison got out of there and now rebelled, set houses on fire, and ran around the city.

Payback 2-The Battle Sandbox APK


Name Payback 2-The Battle Sandbox
Size 99.9 MB
Update 2020
Category Arcade
Version 2.104.9

Key Features


The gameplay in Payback 2 reminds you of something you’ve seen in Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and so on. The main difference is that instead of living in a large open city where you can travel freely, you will have a comfortable mission menu where you can choose exactly what you want to play.

Missions and Game Goal

Payback 2 has some mission races and you will find a group of different people: taxi, truck and luxury car races, etc. You can also choose to compete with rival groups and get rid of as many enemies as possible. Can try as you can use vehicles, machine guns, grenades, knives, etc. to complete your mission.


Three-dimensional animations present the urban environment with a faster and more satisfying surface that also allows multiple viewing angles that vary according to the mission.


In many common sports, three types of controls meet the needs of many types of players, including tilt, joystick, and button controls. The tilt uses the device’s accelerometer and other buttons shown in the corners of the screen.

Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Challenges

Continue your quest to defeat the rest of the world in the latest and newest events.

Playable for a Long Time

The game has seven cities, nine styles, diverse weapons, and dozens of vehicles. Use them to create customized programs for yourself.

Customize Your Game

Payback 2 is a really fun game that offers a variety of settings, vehicles, and weapons. You can also customize your character using the main menu by choosing between dozens of skins and other accessories.

Payback 2-The Battle Sandbox APK

This is the Whole Process, All the Time

Once you take part in the battles, picked up in a very fast battle. Sometimes during task execution, you get involved in other interconnected tasks. The constant battles during the playing to fight for power and pay off opponents. Gang fights happen often. Wherever you go, you may encounter groups that want to attack. You are probably taking part in tank battles where state-of-the-art weapons will clash.

Discover action scenes in Hollywood movies, with fast-paced helicopter races and a charming sound with a car chase designed close to reality. There will be a total of fifty campaigns in the game so you can participate and show your blood level. Let’s fight the conflict because if you lose here, it will destroy you.

How to Download Payback 2-The Battle Sandbox APK?

To download this game, you need to follow some simple steps which are as follows:

  • You must first have an internet connection
  • Press the download button once
  • And finally, your file will ready to download
  • Confirm Download
  • After downloading, install and enjoy it.

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