Download Modern Combat Sandstorm MOD APK 3.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Modern Combat Sandstorm MOD APK is an excellent android game. In which its protagonist is an American soldier who received the important task of capturing a dangerous terrorist. You have to work hard to calculate and execute the task. The game will appeal to everyone who is a fan of the quality of action: a variety of places: the laboratory, the hospital, the palace, the port, the desert, the construction, and others. It is that of a huge arsenal of weapons: machine gun, RPG-7 grenade launcher, light machine gun.

Modern Combat Sandstorm MOD APK

Modern Combat Sandstorm the exciting and shooter game will draw you into the world of endless battles. Where bullets whistle incessantly and shells explode with an incredible roar. The most important mission of the game is to destroy an entire base of terrorists. Which is luring more and more recruits into its insidious bandit networks? You have to complete a secret mission in the desert.

Where the den of terror is located. Everything happened completely not according to plan. However, in the course of the operation. It turned out that the number of the enemy was much higher than the one we were told about. And a scammer was found at the headquarters who told the terrorists about our plans. Therefore, the task, the execution of which should have gone smoothly and quietly, turns into a fierce battle. In which everything depends on you.

Features Modern Combat Sandstorm MOD APK

This an excellent game with full of features.

Game mode

The game mode provides 10 single tasks that you need to complete. There is also a group network mode, where you can participate in battles with your teammates, who should not be more than four.


Customizing the game settings allows you to install the camera from the first person. Get ready to sabotage those around you to eliminate the terrorist threat looming over the world. Kill terrorist leaders, hide from patrol raids.

Exciting Tasks

You have a lot of exciting tasks in stock. And many interesting locations, radically different from each other, will banish boredom for a long time. You will certainly be amazed by the effects of explosions and gunfights.

Wide Assortment 

The game has a wide assortment of weapons: machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenades. Each type of weapon is designed for its own task. So, there is no point in wasting the rocket launcher charge on the infantry, it will be much more effective to use it against tanks, which often appear suddenly.


The graphics in the game are quite good, the detail is decent. A variety of locations from the jungle to narrow sewers are pleasing to the eye. The game will be pulled by all modern devices.

How to install ?

Some steps of installation for this exciting game!

  • Download the APK file.
  • Unzip the cache folder to / Game loft / games /
  • Launch the Modern Combat Sandstorm Mod Apk on your phone or tablet
  • Run the application
  • And enjoy!

Final words

As a result, we have a high-quality shooter that can drag you into your virtual world for a long time. Modern Combat Mod Apk can be safely called the successor to Call of Duty. Yes, it is not devoid of disadvantages. But they are so insignificant against the background of the advantages that there is no need to talk about them. Download it and enjoy

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