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The enemy will attack from all sides, so you have to be mobile and move dynamically with the playgrounds.
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October 12, 2021
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CyberSphere Mod APK: This user is waiting for the storm battles with the robot. After controlling the drone, the player will defend the base from enemy attacks. This will help improve the weapons of mass destruction, as well as any improvements during the way.

The enemy will attack from all sides, so you have to be mobile and move dynamically with the playgrounds. The main goal is to survive as long as possible and bring valuable information to the base.

Cyber​​Sphere Mod APK

Features of Cyber​​Sphere Mod APK


You have a soldier assigned to protect humanity from invaders. To do this, you need to equip with modern weapons and gadgets. This is a third-person shooter so you can move your way full freely in the open world.

Epic Graphics

You’ve got the best Star Wars game, now you’ll get it! In the cybersphere, 3D effects are flawless. Everything is carefully designed so that you can fully enjoy it. Your character follows a stripper but has its own characteristics. Alien attackers are also well-designed. Unnecessary to say, the place where the fights will take place. It’s just amazing.

The Game Natures

In the cybersphere apk, there are many game styles. There is a PVE form where you can join forces with your friends and family and quickly eliminate enemy forces. Or you can play PVP Death Match to find out who is the best shooter among your friends or random people.


In the cybersphere, you can collect more than 30 dangerous guns. These include pistols, rifles, machine guns, and more. You can use many other gadgets for your protection.


In this game, surprised you at how many characters you can use. You can use tanks, walking robots, cyber bugs, and soldiers. Each of them has unique statistics!

Easy Controls

Cybersphere apk controls are similar to any FPS game today. But in this, controls are a little easier because you don’t have to manually target your shots. There is a laser beam that pointed to it so that you can adjust your shot to the target.

Cyber ​​Robot Games Online

When you go to the Cyberspace Online area, you will see that it is a universe where people are attacked by alien and unusually terrifying cyborgs. Probably, a group of three will become your group, and you will decide to fight enemies and cyborgs in the hope of invading the earth. Struggle, find the nets you need to take advantage of this region and be flexible with the laser to kill them.

CyberSphere Mod APK Download

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