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This time we want to discuss a little about WPS Connect Apk. Given this feature is now widely found, but unfortunately, most people do not know how to use it. It is a security system found on wifi and stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The function of WPS is to connect the router with a wifi network receiving device, for example, a Smartphone or laptop, more easily, quickly, and safely.

Using this app, you can see the manufacturer of the frequency, channel, modem, encryption, security, and distance to the router, power, name, and Mac address of the wireless hotspots around you. And show some information about the connected devices on your network. In short, this app is a Wifi analyzer with additional features.

WPS Connect APK


Name WPS Connect
Size 3 MB
Update 2020
Category Apps
Version 1.3.9

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WPS Connect APK

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and is a standard launched in January 2007 to facilitate connection to the home network. Essentially, it serves to speed up the connection to a Wifi, without the need to enter long and unnerving passwords: there are several methods to obtain an immediate connection.

But all assume that the user who uses them has direct access to both the router/modem that provides the connection. Both to the device it is to connect. In short, it is not possible to use WPS Connect Apk if you are not close to the router.

There may be several techniques for quickly pairing the device with your Wifi network, but most routers have a button.

How WPS Connect works?

The operation of this system is very simple. The first thing you have to do is try to connect to the network with your device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, or any other with which you want to access your router.

Then, you will have to click on the WPS Connect button on your router. When you do, what you will be doing is “opening” the Wifi network generated by the router for a short period of time. Many routers will have a WPS indicator that will flash to tell you when this feature is active. It will be a few seconds with the network open waiting for your device, and then the WPS will automatically disconnect.

During the time that you are with the WPS activated, then your mobile can access the Wifi network with the WPS method that it has configured.

How to connect to a Wi-Fi network by WPS?

Instructions for Android TV

  • On the Select how to connect to the wireless router screen, select Connect by WPS button.
  • While the TV is searching for a connection, press the WPS button on your wireless router.

Benefits of Using WPS Connect Apk

Faster Connect: We don’t need the Wifi settings first. Just activate WPS on the cell phone and modem then scan. Automatically connected

More secure: Through the network scanning process, Wifi in some conditions will be connected more safely too.

Easier Connect: You could say that using WPS is simpler. It only takes 10 seconds to connect.

Useful for Checking Password: WPS Connect is very useful for checking that password routers are secure. Not and obviously you can still use it for other things.

And others: Better to just try the feature yourself so you know better.

How to Install WPS Connect Apk

The most normal thing is that your Android device does not allow installations from unknown files or unofficial sources, to perform the installation, to install a third-party application. The option must be enabled. Here’s how to do it step by step.

  • Search for the “Settings” option from the menu on your phone.
  • In the settings section, look for security options. It’s in the personals section of the menu.
  • You must enable the Unknown Source option in the Administrator section of the device.
  • You will see a warning about the dangers of installing an unknown application. Click ok WPS Connect Apk.

FAQs of WPS Connect Apk

What is the best app to connect to free wifi?

WPS Connect is one of the best Android applications to decrypt Wi-Fi Keys from your mobile. This application works with many Routers, you just need to download this application on your phone and search the wifi network. You can also view the saved wifi password from this Android app.

How does the WPS application work?

WPS App – Wifi networks audit. WPSApp is an application to scan Wi-Fi networks with your Android. It allows you to verify the security of the scanned networks by detecting if they have the WPS protocol active or not. What WPSApp actually performs is an audit of the Wi-Fi networks that are around you.

Final word

That’s a little brief about WPS Connect Apk. For those who frequently use WIFI, this feature should at least be tried. In the past, maybe there were still a few devices that supported WPS. But now you can say it’s quite common. In the Home modem, for example, there are many.

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