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Spider-man Total Mayhem APK is an Action Game for Smartphone or Tablet. Besides this one we have hundreds of other full versions of the best android games, we also have hundreds of mod games with daily updates. Our eco-friendly Spider-Man fight to save his beloved city! Spider-Man must use all his might to save New York from the worst escape the Super-Villains have ever seen in this city.

Fight against time to stop the madness and chaos created by the Super Criminals. Who wants to take over the city and spread a poisonous virus!

Spider Man Total Mayhem APK


Name Spider Man Total Mayhem
Size 19.7 MB
Update 2020
Category Action
Version 1.0.2

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Spider Man Total Mayhem APK

The Spiderman total mayhem Apk is an amazing game, throwing you in many missions as you roam across the city to find the enemy. Then defeat the enemy and upgrade your fighting style or attack. The game doesn’t recreate the cinematic experience. But it features characters from the movie like the Lizard Enemy. The main purpose of this game is to navigate your way around web slings and obstacles to find locations where you can fight enemy gangs.

You can make melee attacks or do ranged attacks. You can upgrade the way you fight and attack over time. But the progression is slow and uncomplicated. Which will bother older gamers, but it’s a perfect complement to younger players.

Features of this Action Game

Amazing graphics on any Android Smartphone

Graphically, Spider man’s total mayhem is a beautiful game; we would say it looks a lot like a Spider-Man game on Play station. The characters are well represented in 3D, the backgrounds are colorful and the frame rate is good too. The intense music helps make this game an absorbing experience.


Set in 12 levels in Spider man’s total mayhem is an action-packed fighting game from start to finish. You have to race through the streets of each level taking out the thugs and rescuing the hostages, before rejecting the final boss. The meanest of the baddies in the comics are here, including Sandman, Electro, Dr. Octopus, and Green Goblin.

Fight against the evil powers

Fight against the evil powers, against the six strongest enemies that united to create chaos and ailments within the metropolis. Innocent and vulnerable rescue, do everything essential to create a true superhero.

Controls in-game

The controls in this game are based on an on-screen joystick and a series of action buttons, such as jumping, attacking, and throwing a net. You can perform special attacks when your web supply is full and when Spidery detects that the signal appears above Spider-Man’s head. The controls are very easy to operate.

How to Install?

Follow the steps for installation!

  • Download APK and Game CACHE
  • Extract Game CACHE
  • Copy the Spiderman folder
  • Paste it into Internal or Default Storage / Game loft / games / “and paste here the Spiderman folder”
  • Install the Spider man total mayhem Apk and Enjoy


To take advantage of super agility and extraordinary powers, more than 20 fighting combinations have been added to the game. And enjoy defeating your enemies using them. Take part in action-packed fights with Spider man and be the best and dominate the region by defeating your opponents. You can join Spiderman’s adventure by downloading Spiderman total mayhem Apk from our site.

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