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The game Smash Hit APK is a first-person game where you need to throw marbles on different surfaces. Your goal is to smash everything in sight to win points. The camera will operate on its own, and your task is just to tap the screen and choose a point for the marbles. Note that you need to consider the actual physical principles. In many cases, marbles cannot reach their destination.

Smash Hit APK


Name Smash Hit
Size 77 MB
Update 2020
Category Arcade
Version 1.4.3

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About Smash Hit APK

Smash Hit Apk is a game that you will progress by breaking glass walls and objects that you encounter with metal balls. Smash Hit is a game that has really spread since its development. We cannot help but say that it has a very different structure from other games. Logically, the game is constantly flowing and you come across glasses from places you never knew. You send the balls by pressing the areas to hit the glass on the screen and you make the glass break.

But the game is not that simple, not every glass can be broken with a single ball. You may even have difficulty breaking some windows brothers. With the Smash hit unlimited ball fraudulent Apk file that we offer you for download, you can play the game with more pleasure because the balls you will throw are not exhausted.

Amazing features of Smash Hit APK


Exciting gameplay with high-quality music synchronization – each level has a new melody and sound effects, all obstacles in the game sound in a special way.

Fun arcade game

Smash Hit is a fun arcade game with stunning visuals. You can go on a futuristic journey across other dimensions, listen to wonderful music, and shoot down everything that comes your way.

Amazing physics

Smash Hit game will require you to focus your attention and timing as accurately as possible. Your main task is to make your ball fly as far as possible and breakthrough all glass objects in its path. Enjoy amazing physics.

Invincible Pinball

Regarding “Invincible Pinball”, the most interesting point is that the behavior of each element in the level is in accordance with physical principles. The marbles are jumping, the glass is splashing, and the trajectories of objects are all simulated reality, which looks very enjoyable.

Surreal journey 

Through an unknown space in this game you can go on a surreal journey. All the way through this game you will be accompanied by colorful music.

Reality of game

The funniest part of Smash Hit games is the reality. The realism of each element on each level. The steel ball thrown will bounce very realistically, and when the glass is shattered, it will bounce. The mirror image littering the floor is very realistic.

Skill training game

Smash Hit is a skill training game, testing players with sensitivity. For users on Android and iOS devices, use a steel ball to penetrate glass or obstacles as far as possible.

Smash Hit APK

Download and install Smash Hit APK

In 4 Simple Steps, here we will show you how to use Smash Hit Apk on your system once you are done downloading it.

  • First, you need to download the Smash Hit on your device
  • Just go to your system Settings and check Unknown sources to allow your phone to install apps from other sources than Google Play Store.
  • You will now need to locate the Smash Hit Apk file that you just downloaded.
  • Now Smash Hit is installed on your device. Enjoy!

Final words

We are going on a fun journey in a different dimension with the Smash Hit Apk game. If we look at the atmosphere of the game. As well as the harmony of the sound and music, the size of the space also fits very well. Our aim is to throw metal balls using the block we manage and to smash the obstacle windows on our way.

We continue this way and try to complete the chapters. Although it seems quite easy, it is necessary to adjust the physics and other game dynamics well. Otherwise, we may cause the episode to end unsuccessfully without leaving room for an error. You can complete the missions more easily by playing the game with the unlimited ball cheat. Enjoyable games already.

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