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Sand Balls APK is a game that requires the player to solve a puzzle by drawing lines to direct the ball. In matches, you have to steer your vehicle to fill it with chunks. The number of chunks you have to collect. The number of chunks will fall into the truck. Vehicles start up and run and complete business once there are sufficient numbers. It does not imply that the sport is simple because many difficulties are players stopping unexpectedly.

Sand Balls APK


Name Sand Balls
Size 128 MB
Update 2020
Category Puzzle
Version 2.1.7

Sand Balls APK

Sand Balls Apk is a very fun casual puzzle game, built with 3D cartoon-style graphics, realistic gameplay, and different experience, wonderful gameplay can bring more different fun, every map is very distinctive, so you don’t need to look at only one map to avoid visual fatigue.

In this game, you can see a lot of small balls. The conditions that you need to achieve at different levels are different. The task you want to complete is related to these balls, no matter which mode you are in. The operation is so simple, as long as you have the skills to complete it.

Features of Sand Balls APK

Ball and truck

Sand Balls allows gamers to collect several things like trucks and balls for fun. The ball can help interested players hold it. They will not have the power to help you conquer the trap. Apart from that, some of it was contributed by trucks with amazing and fresh designs. They will make you satisfied with transportation duty.

Tricky puzzle mazes

This app provides you with tricky puzzle mazes. You can only successfully pass the level by thinking carefully: collect the colourful balls in the truck and then transfer them to the wonderful island in the vast ocean.

Automatically follow

According to the tunnel you dug, the ball will automatically follow the tunnel and fall until it falls into the compartment of the truck.

The rich level game

The level of the game is very rich. The more difficult the game is in the later stage, the more points will be obtained and it will be on the world list.

Concise style

The style of the game is very concise, and the operation and play of the game are also very simple. Use your brain to load all the balls into the car.

Colorful game

The game is full of colors, and a variety of colored balls will satisfy your vision.

Design Sand Balls 

Sandball includes a very simple layout. Everything is placed in 2D images. Players will secure the download to the leading mystery game. However, the game’s audio component is good and straightforward. The sound comes from a ball effect. Some pleasant sounds. The manufacturer had to include some soft music to make the game more interesting.

Sand Balls APK

How to download Sand Balls APK?

  • Go to “Settings” and download the Apk file on your system.
  • Download Sand Balls Apk for Android.
  • Tap on the downloaded file.
  • Tap on “Install” with all necessary permissions.
  • Now you can enjoy.


Sand Balls Apk is an intellectual mystery game. Find interesting items and it is possible to sit down to solve the puzzle. However, Sand Balls will be accessible with some excellent features such as lots of diamonds, unlocked openings, and no ads… to bring the ideal gaming experience to gamers.

Players can click on the link to get the game.  If you have any questions about this sport please comment below. Remember to check out our site for programs and games.

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