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PdaNet APK now includes both PdaNet and FoxFi. Use your mobile phone to use a free Wi-Fi hotspot or broadband modem of USB. No roots and no teacher plan are required. With further improvements, it is a perfect teacher solution for sharing phone internet with computer internet or tablets. PDA supports Net + USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

USB mode works for all Android phones. The Wi-Fi method just runs on a few mobile phones. The free version of PDA Net + will require you to turn it back on after some use, otherwise, it is like the full version.

PdaNet APK


Name PdaNet
Size 2.11 KB
Update 2020
Category Apps
Version 4.19

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Why Pdanet Apk Is Most Helpful Rather Than Others?

PdaNet is a helpful application that changes an Android device into an Internet passage for different devices that don’t have an Internet connection. On the off chance that you have to give an Internet connection with a device that doesn’t have its own, you can utilize your Android device to furnish it with an application, for example, PdaNet tablet. With this App, you can transform your cell phone into an Internet way for PCs, cell phones, or tablets.

Features of Pdanet APK

Wi-Fi Direct Mode (New Method)

PDA Net + now comes with a brand-new “Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot” feature that runs on Android mobile phones 4.1 version or latest. It allows you to connect your computers and tablets to your mobile phones using Wi-Fi, but it depends on which device you are connecting to the phone, whether you set up our client app or setup. And Install the proxy.

FoxFi or Wi-Fi Hotspot Mode (Old Method)

The first Wi-Fi Hotspot feature stays in the different FoxFiApk on the off chance that you need it. It has stopped to work on numerous more up to date mobile phone models because of carrier updates. In any event, when it works, your hotspot utilization may at present be metered (see plan 2 underneath). Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot could handle the two issues. Anyway, the new element isn’t intended to help game devices, TVs or TV streaming gadgets.

USB Mode

USB mode chips away at all Android mobile phones (apart from some ZTE/Alcatel models). It permits communication from Windows or Mac. What’s more, there is a “Wi-Fi Share” include that can additionally transform Windows into a Wi-Fi Hotspot so you share PdaNet Internet with different devices.

Bluetooth Mode

Bluetooth mode permits communication from Windows PC, Android tablets (ejects Android 4.4), or devices that upholds Bluetooth DUN.

  • A framework flaw/error in Android 4.4 for tablets will stop Bluetooth mode, this is fixed in Android 5.0 or later.
  • For Android tablets, it is conceivable just the program application will run in Bluetooth mode. That is on the grounds that different applications might be searching for Wi-Fi or PDA association and not perceive the Bluetooth Internet.
  • One route around the over couple problems is to discover a Wi-Fi hotspot to associate the tablet to simultaneously (such Wi-Fi hotspot doesn’t have to give Internet access).

How to download PdaNet Apk?

To PdaNet for pc full version free download, you must have the internet first, even if it is low speed. Because to download this application you can also download from low-speed internet instead of high-speed internet. You will see the download button, just press it once and get your software.

PdaNet APK

How to install PdaNet Apk?

You will find complete instructions about how to download or install PdaNet follows one by one step, yet I need to give you a quick review of how it runs. All you require is an emulator that will copy an Android device on your Windows PC and afterwards, you can introduce/install the applications and use it – you see playing it on Android, however, this runs not on a cell phone or tablets, but it also runs on a PC.

  • Open the PdaNet Apk for PC file: Twice-click the Apk document to perform the emulator and install the application. If your Apk document doesn’t consequently open on the emulator, right-click on it and select Open with… browse the emulator. You can likewise relocate the Apk document onto the emulator at the home screen
  • After the introduction, simply click Run to open


PdaNet+ presently holds both PdaNet and FoxFi. Transform your Android mobile phone into a complimentary Wi-Fi hotspot or USB broadband modem. No establishing. No tethering method is required.

With extra upgrades, this is a finished tethered arrangement of sharing mobile phone Internet with PC’s or tablets. PdaNetApk provides the facilities of USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. USB mode works for all Android mobile phones. FoxFi/Wi-Fi mode just chips away at specific mobile phones.

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