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MilkChoco APK is a one or more than one player firing game that challenges two different teams, of more than five players, challenge each other in amazing free settings. The players can choose one of the two facing sides: milk or chocolate. You’ll discover some professions in each of the two team members: enemy, expert, bomber, killer, etc…

MilkChoco APK


Name MilkChoco
Size 76 MB
Update 2020
Category Action
Version 1.19.6

MilkChoco APK

The gameplay is very intuitive: from the left side of the controller, you can move your character around and you can aim from the right side. Your character automatically resonates as long as there is an enemy in sight, so your job is to aim… and throw one or two grenades. Apk’s usually run very fast and last for a short time, so, if you don’t start eliminating your enemies, you may miss the opportunity to do anything. Also, keep in mind that some settings are very large and maze-like.

Features of MilkChoco APK

Meet Your Best Characters in MilkChoco

As you can see, the characters are beautiful! But don’t mistake them for being weak, they can kill you right away. MilkChoco’s heroes are divided into two factions, the white heroes belong to the milk faction and the black heroes belong to the square faction.


If you want to customize your hero, you can do so by buying diamonds to buy clothes, accessories, and other items. You can also buy the most suitable weapon for yourself and your hero in the shop.

The way it works is that each hero has different abilities and statistics. It’s up to you to choose the one that works best for you and combine them. Different heroes have different abilities such as bombing skills, hidden, and so on. But to unlock the hero, you have to pay gold.

Charming but Difficult

In MilkCoco, you can’t go wrong thinking it’s simple and easy. With cute heroes and fun gameplay, you can’t help but think right? But to come out victorious, you need a high level of focus, an understanding of mechanics, and a determination to win. You can’t expect to win with just raw skills. You need to know the right combination of skills and weapons and use your surroundings to protect yourself.

Although the perfect combination is hard to remember, this is a clear feature of it. You see, if it is just cute, it will be a lot easier. But that way, it becomes a challenge.

Low Specs Specifications

Another great thing about this MilkChoco is that it requires less memory. Popular combat games may require more than 1300 GB of system, which is frustrating for people with low speech devices. However, milk only needs more than 60 MB of space! Yeah, that sounds lovely crap to me, Seems like BT isn’t for me either. Still, it has amazing graphics and great gameplay!

MilkChoco APK

Top Tips for Playing MilkChoco

When you are a new player, it is easy to try to get it and you can do your best. But not so with this. MilkCoco App 720 is not your typical fighting royal FPS. There are beautiful characters in it but the gameplay is very difficult. After saying, to win! Here are your suggestions!

Gameplay Featuring

Ghost: Although the ghost’s health is low, it is fast and great over close and long distances. Pair with the UG-10 Scoped Rifle.

Air: Like the Ghost, HP has less capacity in the air but is lethal with RS-11 and Bordeal. Remember that his character is a supporter and a sniper.

Mayo’s TG: One of Malik Chico’s most famous heroes, Mayo’s TG is a beast on the battlefield. Paired with Fossen and GG5, you’re going to eliminate a lot of players.

Familiarize yourself with each map: each map has different purposes. Knowing them is sure to benefit you in battle. They are:

Space Death / Maze Death: Kill far more enemies than your opponents.

Escort: Escort your snail safely in a milk bottle.

Ice Bang: Freeze all enemies to win.

Grab the milk: Grab your opponents’ milk bottles and then put them in your milk bottle.

Kill the devil: eliminate all the green devils.

MilkChoco APK

How to Download?

  • If you want MilkChoco APK you must first have internet access to getting any type of file from the internet.
  • If you are reading this article on our website then it will be easy for you to get the file of this game.
  • You can see a download button on the same page which will be helpful as a key.
  • And then after that few simple steps, your file will automatically start.
  • After waiting for a while, you can see your downloaded file by going to your phone storage.

How to Install?

  • After completing the above process then MilkChoco APK you will find this file in your phone’s storage
  • Once you click on the downloaded file, the install button will display in front of you
  • If there is a setting issue in installing, go to setting and check/yes to unknown resources
  • After setting, when you open the file again, the install button will ready to show. Click on it
  • After that few easy steps, your file installation finishes, and you can see its icon on your phone along with the rest of your applications.


MilkChoco APK is one of the most popular animations created for Android. It includes some advanced features that are easy to use. This is a free download and it is definitely worth keeping on your phone. Download and install the file using the Game Manager. You do not require either sign in or registration.

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