Download Lili APK 1.06 (MOD/Without Advertising) For Android

Lili APK is an exciting arcade game for android in which you will immerse yourself in an impressive world of fun toys. In the game of impressive three-dimensional graphics and according to the developer. It is the best game for the mobile platform.

Also in the game is a great story, which many edition games have already recognized. Game dubbing paid by professional actors, who had already worked on other computers and mobile, hit consoles.

Lili APK

Lili Apk is an adventure game: Lili is a quirky adventure / RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, pretty graphics, and a cinematic storyline. It is one of the best visually stunning games, tuned for new devices. It is an attractive and enjoyable game in the style of fun and girly games. That has been designed and published by the SeyeonSoft development team. In this fascinating game, you can personalize lovely cartoon characters with different clothes and items.

Stunning console-quality with 3D rendering iPhones 5 screen support. Fun story, characters, and quests Quirky gameplay suitable for everyone. Piles of items and equipment to collect and upgrade customizable difficulty, especially for children recommended playing!!

Fantastic Features 

Game Location

Lili is an open-world game in which you must look for some arcane flowers that are all over the island. The island is populated by strange creatures called ‘spirits’. Some friendly and some wicked, on the island you can interact with the characters. And enter some houses located on the island. There is also a shop to exchange flowers for accessories that will help you meet objectives.

Objectives of the Game Lili

Overthrow the rule of the spirit and the tyranny that exists on the island. Apart from collecting all the arcane flowers. There are essential flowers that Lili looks for. But they grow on the back of the so-called ‘spirits’. So you must pursue them and make Lili climb on their backs pulling the flowers. They will defend themselves by putting a kind of bomb so that you get off them.


The game apart from having good graphics has good playability. Although the controls are not on the screen. The menu is visible and can be hidden to have better visibility of the game and to be attentive to those around us. As well as to be able to see from afar to the ‘spirits’, and to be able to reach them to pluck the arcane flowers.


As you progress in the missions with Lili, the places will increase. Facilitating access to other sides of the island. So you will have to travel almost the entire island while also meeting new friends and enemies. The places on the island are extremely detailed and unique. They give a suitable atmosphere for the game, with a variety of plants, buildings. And secret doors that you will have to open on certain occasions.

The installation process of Lili APK

  • Open the application and click Install APK.
  • Open the downloaded APK file.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Press the open button, and start the installation of Lili Apk.
  • Click the Install button.


You can now download the best exploration and adventure game, Lili, the Apk for android devices, with excellent graphics and that we can also play on Tablet. Lili Apk game is a very attractive and fun title in which you will be able to decorate lovely characters according to your taste. Then you can easily download this fascinating game from our site and enjoy it.

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