Download Indigo Lake MOD APK 1.5 (Unlimited Ammo)

Indigo Lake MOD APK is a horror and investigative game for Android and iOS that mixes puzzle dynamics and first-person shooting. With a dark and immersive look, the protagonist’s movements are coordinated by gestures on the left side of the screen. While vision and aim are oriented on the opposite side. Also, you need to touch the interface to fire the weapon and interact with various types of objects.

Indigo Lake MOD APK

Indigo Lake is a good game has been tested on IOS. Strange paranormal things are done near the indigo lake. For exploration of territories in the game. You can get around the lake by car. The player will have to unravel the secrets left by the natives of America and find the missing agent. After a short stay, the doctor disappeared. Now you’ve come to the lake, to find out where your friend and companion have been lost.

The player can freely move around the game to search for evidence of the doctor’s disappearance. It is quickly understood that the creature from another world wishes to cause harm. Therefore, do everything possible so that you are not touched.

Advantages of Indigo Lake MOD APK

Unusual Sightings

Reports of unusual sightings in Indigo Lake are common. But recently a series of suicides has prompted an investigation by paranormal specialists. His good friend, Dr. Everett, was sent to the lake to discover the truth behind the recent activity but has not reported. Now it is your task to find him and put an end to any supernatural activity for good.

Freely moving

Within the environment to search for clues and dispel spirit forces the Indigo Lake player can freely move anywhere. With such a large environment, a vehicle can be used to quickly maneuver around the map.

Impressive Effects

Advanced particle effects fill the room and distant lights illuminate every surface. It displays the most impressive weather effects with each drop of rain creating a splash as it hits the ground.

Dynamics and Complex Physics

The actual physics has been applied to the dynamics of the vehicle with each wheel having independent suspension. Complex physics also extends to the player model, allowing him to be pushed, hit, and even thrown around the environment.

How to install the game? 


  1. On the game page click the “Download” button and press OK in the window that will appear, the game file will start to download.
  2. The notification that the file has been downloaded will appear in your phone’s menu.
  3. Click on the game Indigo Lake MOD APK file.

If you installed the Android game for the first time, a notification may appear on the screen with a request to allow the installation of “Unknown Sources”.

Final Words

Thus, we can conclude that Indigo Lake MOD APK is, although scary. But nevertheless a very interesting and addictive game. And because there is a great gaming atmosphere, realism is kept at the highest level. Plus, there are piercing and very harsh sounds and a lot of interesting ideas thanks to which the developers got an amazing result. And for those who want to maximize their adrenaline, it is better to play without lights and with headphones. Have fun!

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