Download Happy Glass MOD APK 1.0.64 (Unlimited Coins)

It is a skill game where you will try to fill the water into the glass. This game was downloaded by millions of people in a very short time after its release on the Android store. The game is all about drawing. You have to make a logical drawing and fill the water flowing from above into the glass. There are more than 100 episodes in Happy Glass MOD APK. Your goal is the same in each episode. But the conditions change in each new episode and as you can guess, it becomes much more difficult.

Each line you draw on the screen changes the flow path of the water. And you are trying to direct the flowing water to the right place by using it. The more you can fill the glass, the higher score you complete the stage. Of course, you have limited rights to the drawing you will make. You can follow how much you can use your pen in drawing from the top of the screen.

Happy Glass MOD APK

This is one of the well-known puzzle games of the android platform. Your goal in the game is to draw paths in the sections. You are in with the pen you control and try to deliver the water to the glass. The less you use the pen, the more stars you complete the level. Due to the financial problems and general difficulties experienced in Happy Glass.

In other words, unlimited money is fraudulent, so you can buy as many tips as you want and simply finish the difficult parts. Dozens of chapters waiting to be overcome, glasses that water must reach, obstacles and more are waiting for you. The game’s 3D graphics, intuitive controls, and realistic sound effects help us have a good time during the game. Controls are provided with two fingers. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times in its Play Store.

Features Happy Glass MOD APK

Game Goal: Get ready to use your wits in this fun puzzle where you will have to guide a quantity of water to a glass that you will have to fill to pass the level.

Simple Gameplay: Its gameplay is so simple that it is suitable for audiences of any age. Levels with higher degrees of difficulty are constantly being added.

Addictive game: Happy Glass is the most addictive game that brings the whole family together. Take it everywhere on your mobile device, fill that little glass with water, and always make him smile.

Fun and Dynamic: Its mechanics are very fun and dynamic, with a pleasant and intuitive interface. It allows you to buy certain elements so that you can customize both the color of the water and the glass and also the pencil.

Competitive Game: Compete with your friends and family to see who can pass the most levels. The game offers you many options to fill the glass, you just have to be creative and choose the one that makes you spend less ink and you can fill the glass to the level indicated by it.


We recommended it because it is very amazing puzzle games that will make you use your intelligence. We have to fill our empty glass with water. We use the lines we will draw for this, but we encounter different types of obstacles and difficulties.

In the Happy Glass Mod Apk entirely up to your creativity, you have to use your skills and draw the best line and fill the glass with water. Although it sounds easy at first, it will become very difficult in the future. It is very fun with its dynamic mechanism. Recommended for spending your free time. Have fun.

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