God of War APK Download For Android

God of War APK is a killer slasher game that will take you to the era of epic Spartan battles and a daring war called Kratos. This game tells the story of Kratos who has to fight against Greek gods who want to. God of War is a favorite game because of its interesting story, powerful graphics, and cool gameplay.

On the release of its newest series on PS4, God of War received a lot of praise. Praise comes in terms of story, graphics, and gameplay. That’s because many people want to play this game.

God of War APK


Name God of War
Size 91 MB
Update 2018
Category Simulation
Version 1.3

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God of War APK

God Of War Apk:  In the flow of advertising, developers have prepared for us a great game, in which we must enter the role of Kratos to win! So, in fact, this is a great action game, just go ahead and destroy hundreds of enemies trying to destroy us. This game is nothing complicated in terms of mechanics and is a very simple game that is sure to please many, as even the original game has similar mechanics to this day. Use your characters’ huge skills, try to find the right strategy, and show what you are worth against these enemies.


  • High quality and varied gameplay!
  • Background music and visual effects!
  • Time killer in its purest form!
  • A lot of cool character skills!
  • The characters are very cool and charming!
  • A dangerous enemy!

God of War game features

This highly acclaimed game has several features that you can enjoy. Among these features.

Exciting Battle

Like the PS4 version, this God of War Apk game also offers exciting battles. You can get interesting effects with Kratos’ special moves.

Difficult Boss

God of War also offered a tough and merciless boss. With an equal opponent, your playing experience will certainly be better.

An interesting story

This game also has an interesting storyline. There is a dramatic staircase right, nice to enjoy. On several occasions, there were surprises in the story. It will not bore you.

Various Abilities

Kratos will have various abilities. You can get various types of moves for Kratos and various moves when playing this game. The higher your level, the more special moves you can make.

Attractive Graphics

Finally, this game has pretty good graphics, even one of the best games of its kind.  The graphics of God of War have been very detailed and realistic. For you fans of detailed graphics, God of War will spoil your eyes.

God of War APK

How to download God of war APK?

Start disassembling the cache and installing Apk. We will do this in 2 steps, therefore, describe both of them.

  • We recorded the Apk to install the game yourself, do this:
  • Go to our File Manager main menu.
  • Go to the opening folder of the downloaded God of war.
  • Type in the God of war Apk file.
  • Click Install in the new window.

Final words about the game

No one was waiting for God of War APK, but it just picked up and appeared. An unofficial game based on the legendary series is now available to owners of Android devices. Unlike the original source, Android’s God of War is a dynamic two-dimensional slasher. The main task of the player is to quickly and efficiently deal with a horde of aggressive enemies. With each kill, you’ll receive generous rewards with points that you can use to purchase new weapons or additional abilities. Have fun with the best battle game.

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