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It is an emulator where you can play your current games on PC. With this emulator that will not look like a console experience. You can continue your game from wherever you want and leave it whenever you want.
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July 12, 2021
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Are you worried about the operation of the controls? ePSXe MOD APK for Android gives you a ton of options: high precision virtual touch controls and the option to map buttons on all types of controllers, with keyboards/gamepads, analog sticks, and external Bluetooth or controllers.

It is an emulator where you can play your current games on PC. With this emulator that will not look like a console experience. You can continue your game from wherever you want and leave it whenever you want. In addition, with its vibration and analog control support. It offers the chance to experience the pleasure of the console one on one. You can adjust the graphics and sound settings according to your hardware.

There are also other very cool extra features. The application supports enhanced OpenGL HD graphics with the Peopsxgl plugin. You can use code tricks and make your life easier by saving states.


ePSXe Mod Apk is the name of one of the best PlayStation one emulators for android, which allows you to run all the games on the PlayStation very smoothly, it has features such as being able to save the game in real-time or save normally as if you had a memory card.

It also allows you to change the size of the buttons on the screen, show and hide the buttons that you select; something very useful that it has is that you can configure it to show you the “frame rate per second” that the game you are running.

Another very good feature is that you can connect a Bluetooth controller that is configured with an additional program, and so you can play quietly with your ps3 controller for example, among many other features, which make it simply the best.

Why is ePSXe a Good Program Application?

EPSXe emulator is one of the best apps. The developers have given it the ability to:

  • Including old ones created for the PlayStation One ePSXe application recognize any images of games;
  • Ensure stable launch and operation of games;
  • Connect additional plugins;
  • Connect additional controllers;
  • Work with old games on CD-Rom;
  • Provide high-quality images.

High Graphics Options make ePSXe the best Emulator from PS1

As we know, almost all PS1 games have a graphic display style that is still classified as very low, gang. So if you want to play PS1 games with a higher and sharper graphic display. Then you can use this ePSXe application which has a feature to enhance the graphic appearance of your favorite PS1 game. That’s why you will still be able to feel the excitement in playing PS1 games. Besides the visuals that appear sharper, you can also adjust the game and visual settings.

Features of ePSXe MOD APK

In this section, you will also find features provided by ePSXe Mod APK as the best emulator. Here is the explanation.

Audio quality and latency in ePSXe only

EPSXe provides a very accurate audio engine that supports all PSX audio effects (volume, envelope, noise, frequency modulation, interpolation …) and all sound modes. Depending on the speed of the device, you can choose full audio effects or disable some audio effects to improve the speed of the emulation.

Technical descriptions

The system requirements for this program are quite simple. The program will work fine even on weak devices such as Android 2.2, which can also be considered an advantage.

Controls and Input Modes

EPSXe supports up to 4 players in games that support multitap. It is possible to control the game using the touch screen, hardware keys, or external gamepads.

Controls touch screen ePSXe Mod APK

EPSXe provides several touch screen skins that support “digital” and “analog” controls. You can switch between digital and analog when choosing Dual Shock mode using the switch mode button. The skin can also be hidden to play with external hardware keys or gamepads.

EPSXe Cheats Codes

EPSXe supports Game shark cheat codes. To obtain the cheat codes you can download a list of cheat codes and copy them on your device in the format defined in the configuration section, or you can use the in-game option “download cheat codes”, which will access a large file of cheat codes.

Game list

Games must be provided by users; you can dump your own games from their original CDROMs or buy them from stores like eBay or Amazon at very low prices.

IMPORTANT: ePSXe does not include games and games that are required by the user.

How to cheat with ePSXe MOD APK?

  • Run the Emulator / Start the Game you want,
  • Click the Option Button on your Phone and then click on the “Cheat Codes” option.
  • Downloaded ePSXe cheat automatically to your phone.
  • Internet Required.

How to install ePSXe MOD APK?

Steps for installation:

  • For the downloading process enable “Unknown sources
  • At the top, you find it. Enter ePSXe Mod Apk
  • To install it follow the Google Play instructions
  • Then, download the ePSXe Apk on our site
  • Install ePSXe Apk to complete
  • Open the ePSXe first so that the folder appears in the internal memory.
  • Now enjoy!


How about Android ePSXe? 

The program gives you a link to Google play, download the BOIS program directly, run it once, there will be nothing for you in the future, and you can play games.

How to open cheats when entering the game with Android ePSXe

The cheat format can be used and it is the same as the cheat codes in the PS period. Copy the cheat codes to the file notepad txt in order Put the format into the folder ePSXe> cheats specified by cheats in the emulator. After running the game, the cheats still cannot be read, and then I found out that I want to…

How to use ePSXe to run the game? 

After installation, run ePSXe. Click “File” in the upper left corner, select “Run ISO” in the drop-down list, and then select the location of the game.

Does playing games on the Android mobile phone ePSXe emulator hurt the phone? 

Playing games on the Android mobile phone ePSXe emulator _No harm.


ePSXe MOD APK is a popular emulator. This special PlayStation One emulator has a very simple interface. However, you don’t need to worry about how it looks, because this emulator still provides complete features

It is an excellent emulator for android, where you can emulate Play station games, now you can play your great games in the palm of your hand. And not only that, but you can also put your wireless Bluetooth controller to this emulator, or a keyboard. Actually, everything is possible. Even playing multiplayer on separate devices.

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