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Duet Display APK is a tool by former Apple engineers. This allows you to use an iOS or Android device as a secondary monitor for your computer. And is compatible with Mac Book computers, Windows laptops, or desktops based on the Microsoft platform.

The main virtue of this tool compared to other alternatives is that, according to its creators. There is no type of delay when displaying the content of the computer on the screen of the Android device. Also, regardless of whether the computer does not have a touch screen. Thanks to Duet Display Apk it is possible to interact with the system by touching the screen of the Android Smartphone or tablet. And there is even support for gestures.

Duet Display APK

As a curiosity, it is convenient to comment on the use of a Mac Book. Our Android Smartphone can be configured as a Touch Bar.


Name Duet Display
Size 13 MB
Update 2020
Category Apps

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Display APK

Duet Display Apk is a program already famous in Apple, which allows you to connect an iOS device to your computer with OSX, and turn it into an extension of the PC, thus obtaining a second monitor with touch input. This application has now made its debut on Windows, allowing you to use your iPads as the screen of any PC, and even if its youth does not allow it to work on a par with the Mac version, the first results are certainly more than encouraging!

For Android users, it will work just like the iOS version. However, one should not expect the same experience and performance from day one.

Advantages of Duet Display Apk

Fast speed of work

Former Apple employees did not disappoint and created a really great product that finally allows you to use your iPads as an external display and work comfortably.


According to developer statistics, using a second screen can increase your productivity by 48%. You can actually display many more windows at the same time, be it the latest news, stock quotes, and Twitter window. You can even watch YouTube videos!

Support for old devices

This is another important reason to buy this app, because Duet Display works with all iPads versions, even if they still have iOS 6. The entire graphics processing load is taken over by your Mac. So don’t be intimidated by the increased load on the processor. Since it is necessary to process the transmitted image to an external iPads display.

Downloading Steps of Duet Display Apk

  • First, download the APK file from the Download the link to your mobile device.
  • When you find the application you want, Click the “Install” button
  • After downloading the APK file, it will be enough to click on it and click Install Duet Display Apk.
  • Enjoy the application.


Duet Display Apk is the first app to offer a truly seamless experience and to use the iPads as a second monitor. This useful application is designed to increase the working efficiency of iPads and iPhones users. Thanks to this useful application, we can use our iPhones or iPads as a second screen for our Mac or PC.

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