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Wifi Hacker APK: Most people would agree that daily Internet use is the norm. Some of us constantly upload photos to Instagram, while others use the Internet to keep up to date with what’s happening around the world. One of the things we don’t think about regularly is that these actions require a Wi-Fi connection.

Thus, if you are travelling or leaving, you may need a Wifi Hacker APK to help you. 4G connections are fantastic; this is not something we can argue about. It is a pretty silly application, used to play pranks on our friends.

Wifi Hacker APK


Name Wifi Hacker
Size 2.4 MB
Update 2020
Category Apps
Version v1.1

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Wifi Hacker APK

Wifi hacker APK is just, with which we can try to make a friend believe that we are hacking a network. And nothing more. The app does just that: pretend to hack into a Wifi network. The operation of the joke is very simple. We choose one of the Wifi networks that are close to our position, click on it. And immediately we will see how messages begin to appear indicating that we are ‘hacking’ the network.

The network is not being hacked far from it, but our friends may buy it. After a few seconds of intense hacking. It will show us a random number that is supposed to be the password. But not by far. The number will most likely have absolutely nothing to do with the actual password. It is a pretty silly application, used to play pranks on our friends.

Why choose a Wifi Hacker APK?

It is awesome. Wifi Hacker APK is for parents, suspicious spouses, or just for anyone who wants to spy on close friends or family members. Parents can look after their children and ensure their safety. The spouse can ensure that their significant other does not deceive them. In addition to the typical hacker Apk, it has more features, so we strongly recommend you to check everything it offers-it is indeed the best Wi-Fi hacker app.

Features of Wi-Fi Hacker APK

Your best option would definitely be using it – the best Android app for wifi login. This Wifi hacker APK includes an online dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere; it is compatible with both Android and iOS and is also popular with parents. Apart from this, it includes a wide range of features that are easy to use and very insightful.

GPS real-time tracking 

Not many children understand why parents want to know where they are at any time. Thus, if they get the classic “Where are you?!?” text, they may not respond. It tracks the current location of the target device, which can be seen through the online dashboard.

Advanced key logger

If it isn’t focusing on one of the apps you want to monitor, don’t worry about it. With an amazing key logger, you will be able to see everything your target is doing and find out what their passwords are.

Limiting users

This feature is more useful for parents. Many kids and teens will stay up late playing games and watching YouTube videos on their devices. Instead of going to bed, they will constantly hide all the devices they use so they don’t get caught. Restrictions allow parents to stop their children from distracting themselves and either focus on school or fall asleep.

View browsing history

Regardless of the web browser, your target is using; you can view whatever they are looking at. Their bookmarks, the URLs they visit, how often they visit each site, and a lot of other useful information.

Live screenshots

An impressive feature is that if you are spying on someone, you can take live screenshots at any time. Your target will not receive any notifications and you can see exactly what they are doing at the moment.

To simulate a password-protected hotspot hack, run Wifi Hacker. The program will monitor access points that are within the reach of your built-in adapter and display a list of them on your screen. Then you have to choose who will be the next “victim”. Naturally, no hacking will follow. But the program will publish a realistic notification about connecting to someone else’s Wi-Fi.

Wifi Hacker APK

How to use and download Wi-Fi Hacker APK?

Are you an Android user? You may be able to use your Smartphone to hack into the Wi-Fi network. The only requirement is that you need the device.

  • Download the Apk file from the website.
  • Enabled the Unknown Sources is necessary.
  • Tap the Apk file to install the application. Please wait a while for installation.
  • Launch the application by tapping the icon and then install other firmware.
  • After installation, a terminal will appear.
  • Download Wifi Hacker APK.
  • Finally, after about a minute, the final scan will end and the password will be shown to you.


Is Wifi hacking real?

Of course, hacking wifi is a difficult task, but this program has simplified it.

What are the most powerful Wifi password crackers?

APP is without a doubt the best program for hacking Wifi. According to the tests we did, the program is able to hack and infiltrate any device that has WPS on! Absolutely real and guaranteed.

Why do we need to hack the Wifi password for Android?

Android phones sometimes consume a lot of internet; sometimes your internet runs out and for this, you need to use the internet of friends or neighbors so it is necessary to have a program to hack the Wifi password on your Android mobile.

Final Words

Wifi Hacker APK is a nice amazing app. It gives -prank raise to generate a master password for wifi. This app will give you the impression that it will generate a master key for your desired wifi hacker. Have fun with family and friends. Like a hacker. My friend is stupid I am generating a master wifi password for all wifi networks.

Our people really love freebies, so we have to debunk the myths in the bud. Fortunately, the developer immediately explains all the functionality of the program. The people do not like to read but prefer to believe the evil name and think of themselves as hackers.

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