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The Dark Knight Rises APK is a very exciting and wonderful mobile game. Based on the creation of the movie, the scene of the movie is restored to a high degree. The picture is extremely real. Players can become the super-cool heroes to destroy the bad guys. It is an action mobile game, created by the very famous foreign game developer production team.

This outstanding game is based on the real adaptation of the movie and is authorized by the original. The game has been officially cracked, modified to unlimited gold coins, and removed from the Google framework.

The Dark Knight Rises APK


Name The Dark Knight Rises
Size 23.2 MB
Update 2020
Category Action
Version 1.1.6

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The Dark Knight Rises APK

The Dark Knight Rises Apk is one of the famous games of the Android platform, produced by Game loft. In this action game your aim is to fight against malicious people in Gotham city with Bruce Wayne, the character of Batman, which you control. Due to the financial problems and general difficulties in The Dark Knight, we offer unlimited money fraudulent, unlimited sp points fraudulent.

All kinds of tasks let you experience the exciting life of superheroes. You must resolve various emergencies, such as hostage incidents, bomb removal, criminal escape, speed chase, etc. To prove that you are the true defender of Gotham City. The exciting battle system, with a variety of actions and movie effects. Allows you to experience the real world of action.

The Dark Knight Rises APK Game Features

Great gaming experience

Tons of random missions and activities that will get you excited about the superhero. Hostages, bombing, chase, and chase to prove that you are the true guardian of Gotham.  A stunning battle system that puts you in the thick of battles for a wide variety of moves and movie effects. Collect items hidden in the city to upgrade Batman and unlock new fighting skills.

Play as the dark knight

Access and learn how to get the most out of each tool. Cross-town or defeat enemies, throw clashes to disperse your enemies or use the grapline to hit the remote buttons.

The possibilities are endless

While kicking and the ship are useless, The Dark Knight relies on his vehicle at work. Take the bat-pod for special missions or pilot and fly quickly to the city. Experience something you’ve never done before.

All spread

Gotham city and districts on gigantic maps and enjoy stunning graphics to immerse yourself in the dark universe of Batman.

How to install The Dark Knight Rises APK?

Installation instructions!

  • Download one of the APK files
  • Download the appropriate Data file.
  • Extract it
  • Click on Settings.
  • You should now allow the installation from this source. Press the open button.
  • Launch the app and have fun with The Dark Knight APK.
  • Enjoy

Final conclusion

An exciting fighting system that puts you right in the heart of the action thanks too many different movements and cinematic effects. Collect hidden items within the city to unlock upgrades and new fighting skills. Although The Dark Knight Rises APK game looks like an action series, it can actually be considered an older work. But the game is indeed very well done. The game has been so popular until now; it’s a very good game. We strongly recommend everyone try it out!

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