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Newpipe APK: Google Play Services participation from what YouTube is a popular app that lets you watch videos. The app also offers you some of the best features of YouTube Red, such as ad-free streaming, the option to view and download videos offline. You can watch your favorite video game streams, live news shows, and more without any commercials.

If you’ve never used Newpipe before, it’s worth spending some time on this. Since it’s not available on Google Play, your best bet is to download an alternative app store for open-source software. You can safely install Newpipe on your Android device from here.

Newpipe APK


Name Newpipe
Size 5.51 MB
Update 2020
Category Apps
Version 0.20.3

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Newpipe APK

Newpipe Apk is an APP that allows you to download and watch YouTube videos in the background. Thanks to it, we can listen to our favorite YouTube songs without having to keep the screen of our mobile on.

It is the perfect alternative to Youtube Music, and also totally free. This application is developed by companies such as Web late, or Sentry that offer their services for open source projects for free. Your donations cover most of the costs of developing the app. Newpipe are totally secure and is constantly updated. It will not ask for rare permissions and it also does not contain ads.

It has much functionality with which I guarantee you will not return to YouTube. Its small size compared to YouTube is due to how clean the app is compared to it. Also, as we can play videos in the background, we save battery on our devices.

Android TV support

Until now, the client did not officially support Android TVs. This could, of course, create problems for the user, but thanks to the latest update it is now possible to use Newpipe on your device and, for example, quietly search for videos or view descriptions without incurring tedious bugs.

Search YouTube Music

On the YouTube Music front, the novelty consists in the ability to natively analyze its library and search more easily for a song, album, playlist, or video. Users tapping the filter icon will be able to search and select the desired item between songs, video, album, or playlist and finally display the results.

Features of Newpipe APK

Here are some outstanding features of this Newpipe APK.

Ability to customize: The ability to customize gratified with the establishment of age limitation.

Music in the background: Listening to music in the background, which saves battery consumption;

Save downloaded files: This app has the ability to save files in the most suitable quality for your Smartphone;

The small size of the application: One of the advantages is the small size of the application, which is suitable if your device is low on memory. A multifunctional application with convenient service and the ability to bypass some of YouTube’s restrictions is waiting for you.

Alternative to YouTube: Newpipe is an alternative to YouTube created specifically for Android users. As many people may realize, YouTube often does not work well on smart phones and tablets, and Newpipe promises to solve this problem.

Background playback: Background playback: Just click the headset button to turn on the background playback function; you can turn off the screen to use.

Newpipe APK

All required functions: Almost all the functions required by YouTube users are concentrated in this App, but such a powerful App cannot be downloaded on Google Play, so today we will share this Newpipe function and download method with you. Very recommended every Android user accepts it!

Powerful function: Because the Newpipe function is too powerful, it may not pass the Google Play specifications. So we must install it by downloading the APK.

External video playback: The user has the choice of defining external audio and video players to play YouTube contents. The application also offers an option to play videos directly.

Its handling: On the ergonomic side, Newpipe is translated into any language, devoid of advertisements, and very easy to use.

Playback interface: Also, the Newpipe video playback interface has a “floating window” function. If you say that the most important function for listening to YouTube music is background playback, then the most needed function for watching YouTube videos may be the “floating window”.

Playlist function

The most important playlist function for listening to music is also available, and you can categorize your own playlist. It’s a pity that you can’t import YouTube playlists.

Its peculiarity resides in that it allows you to function within YouTube without consuming any type of advertising, in addition to granting you the necessary privacy to maintain your anonymity. This video software has a simple and intuitive design, so learning the application is almost instantaneous.

How to use Newpipe APK on PC?

Now, as you may have noticed, Newpipe is a native Android application, so how can we use it on a PC? Well, for this we can use any Android emulator for computers that we have available on the market.

Both Windows and MAC have a great variety of programs that allow the reproduction of mobile applications on our computers. Here is a small list to guide you better in your selection regardless of the operating system you have.

Newpipe APK

How to download and install?

  • Go to Settings, Security, and Enable Unknown Sources for the installation process.
  • You can click to download it. Just open it directly after installation.
  • Download Newpipe from the download link above.
  • Then install it on your device and enter the world without ads.

What if the app doesn’t work?

If the app doesn’t work on your phone, you need to clear the data and cache for the app to repair it. You want to reduce the loading time, you can connect to Google Open DNS. Now you change DNS, you can download the DNS Changer app from Google Play Store.

Final words

Newpipe Apk is an excellent app that is characterized by downloading videos from the app itself, playing in the background. And a series of other functions that will make it your favorite from today.

The team in charge of its development maintains that the objective has been to provide an app that offers the YouTube experience. But giving those options that we do not see in the official one. Such as the background playback unless we pay for it on YouTube Premium.

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