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It is one of those games that confirm the mega perspective of mobile as a gaming platform. In the Grid Autosport APK races are conducted stably, the control of the vehicles is excellent. The game has a relatively higher level of graphics compared to other products in the same category. The game system control allows players an extremely intuitive race, hot lap.

Gamers will use the MFI Game Console experience to get used to the gamepad, or it may be easier to change your touch system and lean in to feel a real wheel. But, due to the restrictions used, the exercise will be more difficult after the challenge.

Grid Autosport APK


Name Grid Autosport
Size 41 MB
Update 2020
Category Racing
Version 1.6.1

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Grid Autosport A[K

Grid Autosport Apk explores the world of supercars, unlimited speeds, beautiful tracking tracks, immersive gameplay, and more. Enjoy full and amazing racing experiences with this amazing game from Feral Interactive. Feel free to choose from a variety of different vehicles in the game. Collect your favorite attractions, unlock incredible upgrades and customizations, and explore epic speed barriers.  Compete against the best racers from around the world and compete to be the champion. Advance and experience your best career as a professional racer at Grid Autosport.

The visual and sound quality of Grid Autosport Apk


Fully immerse yourself in the incredible gameplay at Grid Autosport as you team up with the world’s best racers for your ultimate racing experience. Choose your favorite attractions that are realistically designed and explore the beautiful surroundings on multiple maps. Enjoy a smooth and satisfying gaming experience while fully immersing you in the game.


Along with the incredible graphics, Grid Autosport players will also have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the incredible audio of the game. Explore fun and satisfying racing with powerful engine sounds, realistic metallic crashes, incredible explosions, passionate fans, etc. You will feel trapped in a race.

Features Grid Autosport Apk

Here you will find all the cool features the Grid Autosport Apk game has to offer:

Game Goal

Get ready to enjoy this spectacular driving simulator in which you will have to become a professional steering wheel competing on circuits around the world to be the best.

Enjoy epic racing experiences with intuitive touch controls

Players in Grid Autosport will become familiar with the game relatively quickly thanks to the intuitive touch controls. Plus, with many useful customizable options, you can easily choose the right controls that suit you best. Make use of the arrow touch buttons to effectively steer your vehicles through the narrow tracks.

Take on a series of epic racing levels

To make the game more fun for Android gamers, you will also find yourself in a series of epic levels and challenges. Experience the simple and intuitive starting challenges as you quickly get to know the game. Advance to a more epic and challenging game as you slowly progress through your career.

Grid Autosport APK

Also, with the adjustable difficulties, you will find the game extremely fun and enjoyable as you experience the correct difficult settings.

Experience amazing game modes with many interesting disciplines

Players in Grid Autosport will also have access to a variety of interesting disciplines, each with its own unique gameplay and mechanics. Get started with Open-wheel racing while enjoying the styles of F1. Jump into your powerful and aerodynamic Open-wheel vehicles as you have fun taking on your opponents during high-speed races. Or take on the most brutal and epic races as you team up with your opponents in incredible demolition races.

At the same time, feel free to enjoy the art of racing while immersing you in the incredible challenges of Drift racing. Make clean and amazing moves as you win against your opponents in styles.

Interactive and immersive racing game

To make the game more fun, Grid Autosport players will have access to a much more immersive racing game. Then you’ve had other titles for mobile devices. Here, you will explore team racing in-depth during intense and competitive tournaments. Learn to work with your team and your crew so that you can effectively defeat your opponents.

Record your memorable moments in the game

Furthermore, as you progress through the game and experience your running fun. It is also possible to record your moments in the game and review them whenever you want. Take photos or record your racing clips with the handy Recording Mode.

Enjoy the game for free and unlock on our website

For those of you who are interested, it will be a bit difficult to have the game installed on your mobile devices, as the paid game is not cheap. As a result, you may want to go for our free and unlocked version. Just download the Grid Autosport Apk from our website and you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

How to download Grid Autosport Apk?


  • Download APK on your device, do not open the application.
  • Extract the OBB file for/SDCARD/Android/bob/
  • Settings window and checking the box next to it.
  • Go to Google Play Market and select the application Grid Autosport Apk you need to run on your computer
  • Complete installation and enjoy it!

How to arrange a race on one screen?

To race on one screen, two input devices must be connected to the computer. The instructions below are for Player 1 unless otherwise noted.

Grid Autosport APK

  • In the main menu, select “Play on one screen “.
  • A message is displayed asking Player 2 to press a key or button on their input device to join the game. Player 2 must follow this instruction.
  • The Single Screen Lobby page is displayed. Select Game List or Custom Cup depending on the type of race you want to participate in.
  • If you selected a game list, select it on the Select Game List page. If you choose to play a custom cup, adjust the options on the Cup Settings page, and select done.
  • The Single Screen Lobby page is displayed again. When you’re ready to start the race, select go to Race.
  • The Select Vehicle page will open. Choose a car.
  • The Select Vehicle page will reappear. Player 2 must also choose a car.
  • After the loading pages, the Service Area page is displayed. Adjust your car and race settings as needed, and then select Race.
  • The Service Area page will reappear. Player 2 can also customize the car and race parameters if needed. After that, player 2 must select the “Race ” item.
  • The race will begin.


In Grid Autosport Apk immerse yourself in the epic racing actions of different tournaments and racing styles. Get access to a large car collection with some of the world’s top-tier vehicles. Choose your favorite cars with similar stats and fight against other racers in a competitive and uniform race.

Choose your racing team and start working with other racers and technical teams to compete in the best tournaments. Find yourself exploring the action-packed, strategic racing game in Grid Autosport as you work together with your team to win against the others.

Take on multiple race tracks around the world and enjoy realistic gameplay while immersing you in the immersive racing experience.

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