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Cyber Hunter APK is the revolutionized royal battle gameplay emerging as a most exciting multiplayer next-generation sandbox action gameplay for mobile phones following PUBG and Fortnite gameplay legacy. This game is loaded with a collection of incredibly skilled features, survival, exploration, shooting, and most interestingly Parkour.

With the release of the cyber hunter, all other impersonates of famous action gaming series like PUBG are getting out of the trend and gamers’ interest. Cyber hunter apk allows complete customization of the phenomenal stunts in face-off battle with the rivals.

Cyber Hunter APK


Name Cyber Hunter
Size 100 MB
Update 2021
Category Adventure
Version 0.100.363

Gameplay of Cyber Hunter APK

The scripted storyline of the gameplay by NetCase developers takes you to the mesmerizing future world where the human brain and computer interfacing based technology has uprooted to incredible levels.

A huge evolutionary leap of the modern civilization has emerged and other astounding incidents started getting to unfold. Justice dared to challenge injustice or evil forces. The powers of conservatism are continuously getting into the brush with radicalism.


There is so much more than just surviving till the end or shooting against the enemy and exploring the battlefield. All the heroic characters of the game are endowed with the superpower abilities to transform energy closed in quantum cube into any supported device to plot tactical stunts against rivalry forces.

In this interactive material, world players are allowed to interact with every object. Let yourself experience a seamless climbing on vertical walls in this climbing oriented gameplay and go on devising some killer schemes to plot your rival destruction.

Apart from this, you’ll happen to dodge into some incredibly built automobiles with interactive features that not only go best for speeding up of taking you to the destined places, but these vehicles will also get you to some striking places that are the masterpiece part of the cyber hunter apk. The high-flying gliders would take you to certain heights where you can wait until your enemy gets into the trap you had set for them.

Gameplay Features

Cyber hunter pc apk is embodied with some mouth opening features for which you would be excited to know about. Let us unfold some striking features of this classic royal battle multiplayer gameplay.

Character Customizations

Cyber hunter endorse gamers with the best ever experience of customizing the characters the way they desired. These uniquely fabricated characters look completely different from one another. Dozens of on-hand preset customizations are present for the gamers to give their characters desired face features and body traits.

Every player is allowed to choose desired hairstyles, dress codes, skin color, body gestures, and even nose, lips, mouth adjustments, and facial expressions. Everything at player control makes the game most desirable for the game lovers around the globe. Choose the most stylish costumes for the powerful heroic characters of cyber hunter Zero and Max. Dress them up in any way you want.

Deadly and Powerful Weaponry

Explore the map to find out and collect these deadly weapons to build up your inventory. Go and find your target to watch what great these weapons can do. Takedown your enemies by assault guns, snipers, and blast that can hit the enemy from pretty far.

Parkour movements

Along with moving by advanced vehicles, players would be amazed and mesmerized with the in-built customizable Parkour playing features that make the players able to climb on the highest buildings and vertical walls easily using their hands and feet. Apart from climbing up, players would get gliders with which they can glide in the air to certain heights without using automobiles to move around the field.

Free features

This gameplay comes with free features like climbing, gliding, running, hiding, and wound healing but there come the paid features that are exciting enough and worth purchasing. To make your characters look vibrant, classy, bossy, and heroic, you have to spend money to buy customizations and costumes or unlock these features by winning the hardest levels of the gameplay.

Moreover, the gameplay software lets the players roam around the map to collect bountiful add-ons and have open access to some technically advanced features like building barricades, self-protecting safety ring, and enemy detecting signals.

Cyber Hunter APK

Graphics and Audibles

Like any other famous classical royal battle gameplay, the cyber hunter pc apk gaming interface is not less than a dream come true for the chain gamers. Surprisingly stunning visuals used to build the adventurous gameplay are giving true royal battle goals to the gamers.

Experience an outstanding console-graded gameplay right there on your mobile phones. The survival battle in a realistic environment with beautifully customized characters is the reason the game is getting that much fame. The relaxing and enticing sounds of the gameplay let the gamers indulge deeply into the fascinating royal battle world.

What’s new

  • New-season: Masked Assassin.
  • New first-person experience.
  • Improved graphics.

How to Install Cyber Hunter Apk?

  1. Go for downloading an APK file along with the cache clicking on the link given above.
  2. After downloading an Apk file, allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings of your smartphones (done once)
  3. Next, run the installed Apk file using the mobile phone’s file manager (downloaded files usually are saved and found in the Download folder)
  4. Copy the cache folder from the downloaded archive to the SD/Android/obb/ directory on your smartphone using the file Manager. The result will be SD/Android/OBB/cache_folder/file *OBB
  5. Run the application

Final Words

Bored of playing alike royal battle classic battles? Want a thrill in your gaming experience? Then, the cyber hunter download option would be the best to enhance your gaming potential. Go for cyber hunter pc download and enjoy a complete alternative to the traditional battlefield games.

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