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Defender III APK for mobile devices on Android. This is the 3rd part release. The project once again took the player into an imaginary world full of battles and clashes with the forces of darkness. The user will be able to enjoy hundreds of levels, towers with the possibility of improvement, as well as other gaming facilities.

Like the previous sections, there is a combination of many magic skills and elements. This Apk has excellent graphics, which is even better since the second part, and addictive gameplay.

Defender III APK


Name Defender III
Size 49 MB
Update 2021
Category Action
Version 2.6.0

Defender III APK

An army of monsters is coming to destroy your castle. Download Defender III APK for Android to lift the power of the four elements and crush the hordes of monsters. Eliminate them with epic magical powers and use more than 70 skills to defeat them. It’s a tower defence that makes a difference.

The gameplay is too like Plants vs. Zombies than traditional mobile tower and like Balloon TD5, you have to stop the zombies from crossing the plains and destroying your castle, and you can use magic attacks on it. Will do it.


Release the Elements

You will have access to various magic attacks to support your default giant temple and arrows. Fire arrows at enemies while upgrading your castle defences to add additional auxiliary weapons. You’ll have to clear over 500 stages – including powerful boss battles that will test your skills to the limit.

Earth-Wind and Fire

Attack the enemies with your arrows and then make magical powerful attacks when they start to subdue you. You can use powerful wind-blowing attacks, drop massive rocks, fire, and lightning at your enemies.

70+ Abilities

As the game progresses, you will unlock more than 70 skills that will expose you to even more powerful magic attacks and allow you to inflict maximum damage from defending your initial castle. You can use the money to buy new skills that you gain by fighting your opponents and doing little damage to the castle throughout.

Different Levels

These stages go through horrible ancient Egyptian monsters, Greek demigods, horrors of the underworld, and much more. You will fight against enemies in an excellent environment that is unique from every part of the story.

Update Your Wind Bow

This is the first bow you get, so it’s a good idea to upgrade it as soon as possible. You don’t stop to think that you have to wait for a better command for the upgrade – as you move forward you better confront the growing armoured enemies you will face.

Update Your Arrow

The same arrow use by all the bows, which makes it a good place to start with your upgrade. Upgrading the arrow is a good idea and will increase the amount of damage you can inflict on opponents.

Update Your Magic One Last Time

Magic is very important, but you can use your magic attacks only once in each phase, while most of the time you rely on the bow and support axis. For this reason, you must first upgrade your magic attacks after swimming your bow and arrow.

Defender III APK

How to Download?

  • If you want Defender III APK you must first have internet access to getting any type of file from the internet.
  • If you are reading this article on our website then it will be easy for you to get the file of this game.
  • You can see a download button on the same page which will be helpful as a key.
  • And then after that few simple steps, your file will automatically start.
  • After waiting for a while, you can see your downloaded file by going to your phone storage.

How to Install?

  • After completing the above process then Defender III APK you will find this file in your phone’s storage
  • Once you click on the downloaded file, the install button will display in front of you
  • If there is a setting issue in installing, go to setting and check/yes to unknown resources
  • After setting, when you open the file again, the install button will ready to show. Click on it
  • After that few easy steps, your file installation finishes, and you can see its icon on your phone along with the rest of your applications.


Defender III Apk is a version of Tower of the familiar and defence II series for Android from the popular Hong Kong-based app company. Version 3 still combines goalkeepers and tactics but provides more unique new features with better graphics and visual techniques than ever before. The game tells the story of a battle between the warriors who attacked the palace and the aggressive monsters. The monsters are back and this time they are stronger.

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