Download Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK 3.14.0 (Unlimited Money)

Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK is a first-person hunting game, in which players try to hunt some of the worst prey in the world with various natural settings, rifles in hand. Although most of your time spent in the countryside, beating your prey with sticks and shooting only at the right moment, prior preparation is essential. In this regard, the most interesting feature gives you various options when configuring your rifle, including adding different scoops, ammunition clips, etc.

Key Features Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK

Unique Gameplay

There are many FPS games available today. But many of them do not allow you to kill animals. Let’s you hunt animals and try different weapons! In this, you will take deer hunting to new heights as you try to hunt new animals and use a lot of weapons. There are many goals that you can complete for rewards. In addition, challenges become more difficult over time. But overall, it offers classic unique playing that you can’t get mad at!

Club Hunts

In the Deer Hunter Classic, you can join your friends in the Global Cooperative Challenges to win prizes! Complete hunting goals and collect rewards together. Teamwork is very important because you need to work together to achieve your goals. One wrong move and the whole hunting mission can be over!

Animal World

Engage yourself in a dynamic environment filled with more than 100 animal species. Some of them are calm and may scare you but most of them are weak including bears, wolves, and panthers.

Upgradable Weapons

You will have the opportunity to use different weapons for animal hunting! But they are all sniper rifles because you don’t want to go near animals. All weapon is different so you need to keep that in mind. If your weapon does not meet the standards of firepower, magazines, scoops, stocks, barrels, clips, you need to upgrade them. Buy a new weapon, customize it, and go in search of a trophy.


Compete for the world with a class shooter in PvP and be number one on the leader board. No fun if you don’t brag about your victories. Deer Hunter allows you to collect fantastic trophies during the classic game which proves that you are better and better than all the hunters out there.


You will find more than 65 levels in different areas for hunting deer, bear, wolf, cheetah, and other animals.


It has crazy 3D graphics that accurately mimic animals as well as the surrounding environment. In this game, you will get the adrenaline as well as the excitement of the hunt. It uses graphics from 2013 to 2020. With each update, it brings new technology so we hope you can love it.


This is amazing and ear-friendly music that will make you feel like a jungle.


Collect Platinum, Gold, and Diamond Eagles and redeem them to open a box full of rare weapons, blueprints, and other parts.

How to Play

This game is very easy to play because you have to aim with your scope and just shoot. You can use your range to target animals which helps you to hunt more easily and accurately.

Home Screen

Like other games, you get almost the same options on the homepage of Deer Hunter Classic. You get the sales option, bonus section, latest updates, and play button.

How to Download?

  • If you are on our website, you will see a download button
  • Press it once or thumb touch
  • Then confirm in a simple process
  • And see your file download has started.

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