Code Z APK Download (MOD/Unlimited Money) For Android

“Code Z APK” is a multiplayer doomsday shooter game. Under the end of the world, existing social rules were disturbed and the human world entered a state. In the game, players will have to beware of zombie attacks, face brutal environments.

And explore the end of the world’s survival, either alone or working with others to find rare habitats. Resources for the world Work hard for a day and watch out for the dark swords behind other players.

Code Z APK 

Code Z Apk is the new zombie shooter game on the Play Store for our android devices. Which you can play in an online multiplayer. It has a third-person perspective, an action Apk game by Tencent Games.

The game begins with a small tutorial and a narration in which we will have information about the infected who try to attack us. We appear on a bridge that we have to travel to. We will also use the radio to ask for help and use gasoline tanks to be able to use a vehicle or run machinery.

The action game Code Z has missions and is similar to the Left 4 Dead game. As we progress through the games. We can exchange for some improvements in the game that usually last little, but allow you to advance. This game is one of the most acclaimed and its graphics are very good!

Code Z Apk game features

So, this popular game has a few features.

Bloodthirsty Zombies 

Doomsday City is a murder case of people lurking in the corner of the city. Reserve resources, watch out for other humans, and stronger-looking zombies during the day. In Code Z Apk, there is no strongest, only the stronger. A variety of high-level zombies has their own special abilities and is in great demand for their blood. They are not afraid of death because they represent death.

3D style of code Z 

Creating a space full of real and alive will enhance the player experience. Watch games and make themes dark yellow wild little details as described. The smooth and realistic animation effects can enhance the horror game. Therefore, the experience area will not interfere, but the controls are simple, easy.

Unique Special Missions

Compared to traditional mobile games, killing enemy players cannot be won. Players have to complete tasks alone or with teammates to win in the given time. The only bottle of old-fashioned mobile shooting gameplay isn’t just great, run-of-the-kill any longer.

How to download Code Z Apk?


  • Open the saved Apk file and continue. Some users may experience installation not starting. Android restricts this by default.
  • Open the downloaded Apk file.
  • You should now allow the installation of Code Z Apk from this source.
  • Press the open button.
  • Click the Install button.
  • And enjoy!


Join thousands of other survivors and test your skills, fight endless hordes of zombies. You can play both solo and multiplayer. Exploring a huge open world full of dangers and adventures. The Code Z Apk game amazes with its attention to detail and great possibilities. For example, the found car has a limited fuel supply, and the graphics and physics in the game correspond to real observations. Download now, and enjoy this amazing game!

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