ClassicBoy APK Emulator For Android & IOS

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ClassicBoy APK is an emulator for Android, which allows you to copy several classic consoles on your device. Like other emulators, ClassicBoy doesn’t come with any ROMs. That means you can download the emulator easily, but to play any of the games supported by these consoles you have to download them from somewhere else.

Its settings not only let you deal with the controls for each console but also allow you to connect the controllers to your Android device via Bluetooth. And after that, you can play any of the video games for any console.

ClassicBoy APK

The ClassicBoy App supports almost all of the games. Moreover, the player can save states; load states, fast forward, and cheat code. It’s an emulator which enables you to play the games that are classic by gestures and sensor that you’ve certainly not seen earlier.

Key Features of ClassicBoy APK

Save states

It has the power to save states (like snapshot saves) and immediately resume wherever you left it with several slots to save for each emulator separately.

One Quick slot + 9 normal save slots for every emulator.

Global Settings

Every emulator has a cheat codes option. Several of the codes you find online won’t work.So continue trying until you discover one thing that does work. One point that is great to get cheat codes for ClassicBoy App is copy and pastes the codes into a document and labels each code so you realize what each code does. Go to the cheat’s area in your ClassicBoy. Then, copy and paste the codes you need once at a time. Most ClassicBoy has the choice to switch specific cheats on or off. Make sure that your cheat code is set up, and you are all set.

User-Friendly Controls

You can map and change controls as you. On the other hand, controls with sensors and gestures also support multiplayer facilities with even more controllers. It supports vibrator feedback and has pretty controls that can establish the size, location and hide them, etc.


In global settings under the video, there is rendered resolution tab, with which you can change the rendered resolution and can give you better visual quality rather than the very first Console.

How to Download ClassicBoy APK?

The ClassicBoy is extremely easy to load. If you are an Android user that accesses the APK site or perhaps item and searches for the emulator keywords will be easily available on the top of the search.

Click on the download buttonall you need to do this. After downloading, enjoy the unlimited capabilities of the ClassicBoy Apk without spending hours setting them up.

Final words

We have tested this emulator with a lot of android devices and each of them gave me 60 fps performance in all of the devices. So we don’t know about these performances but most ROMs did work on some more emulators. All ROMs work in zip formats because ClassicBoy is going to extract the game and put together a folder for it.Which will put save states in it, you don’t have to be worried about unzip the games.

Overall, it is the best emulator we have tried comes with many qualities, easy to use, and has exceptionally good value.

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