Download Banana Kong MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Banana Kong MOD APK: Runner, where a guerrilla escapes from a banana peel. The protagonist loves this fruit, but in the process of eating, he leaves so many skins that they form an avalanche that starts chasing the monkey and snatches everything in its path. Underneath it, the character crosses various obstacles to cross the forest to avoid burial.

You can use grapevines, fly in large sheets, or acceleration. Along the way, you’ll have to collect this fruit that you can use to improve your character’s abilities or to buy various items in the game store.

Features of Banana Kong APK

Climb to The Top of Trees

You first have to collect bananas and fill up your energy bar. Keep running until you hit the bull. Hang on to it and when it reaches the top of the screen, use the power of your kong to run through the trap tops. However, once you fall, you will continue to run on the ground like a normal monkey.

HD Quality Graphics

It is specially designed with the latest innovations in the field of graphics in the form of high-quality HD graphics. There is no instance where an Android user feels as if they are playing a virtual platform. The platform designs to offer the best gaming experience to the Android user by offering free gameplay like free life. It takes to another level with the benefits of HD graphics.


The never-ending supply of bananas could benefit the platform. This means that all the difficult challenges can handle with ease. The player is able to defeat opponents the hardest and climb the ladder to become the best Android user there. Enjoy getting the most out of the platform at an early stage.

Running, Fly, Swim

It follows the same rules as most ‘Infinite Runners’: running while trying to clear all obstacles in your way because a huge icy banana is in pursuit and if you fast enough If not here’s a new product just for you. In this Kong, running is not always enough: you may have to fly or swim in some parts of the game. This could mean climbing the Tach in to get to the sky, where there are more obstacles to avoid, or you might have to dive into the water and catch the crocodiles and pirates of the past.

Banana Kong APK

Animals and Controls

After that, another feature is the ability to ride other animals. Without it, Banana Kong would be another boring platform. The interface is easy to control and use. One-thumb control allows anyone to easily pick up and play it.

How to Download?

  • You must have the internet to download this game
  • If you are reading an article on the same website, you will see the download button
  • Press this button once
  • And you see another process is showing in front of you. Confirm it too
  • And see that your file has gone to the download section of your browser
  • In the download section, you can see your file downloading process continues.

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