Download Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK 1.1.7 (Unlimited Money)

Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK: The Fourth Part of the Thin Man’s Adventure. In it, the player controls the main character in the ruined city. There he fights among common enemies and a group of powerful bosses. In this case, it helps with a large arsenal of firearms and blades, as well as many combos and techniques of unarmed combat. In the process, the user will be able to improve the character’s features and appearance. Up to 4 people in-game and multiplayer style.

Key Features Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK


The anger of Stick 4 includes 2D graphics that are just crazy. These are always awesome because they bring back the 2D classic gameplay that we loved as children.

Game Forms

In this game, you have to perform including more than 600 stages in the main story. Plus, you can enjoy striking with your friends like a Team. You can play up to 4 heroes in one match. Enjoy combo skills and weapons while fighting different monsters!


This game also has RPG elements that allow your characters to rate their stats. Here, you can gain exp status as you fight enemies at different stages. Tons of monsters fight and defeat them so you can access various rewards and items in it!

Tons of Heroes

This game allows you to play and collect 9 exciting heroes! Each of these heroes is unique. They are called: kung fu, blade, gun, machine, robot, shotgun, and warrior type. It allows you to enjoy it as there are many owners. If you are tired, you can also enjoy the automatic combat function.

Unique Gameplay

Action games have existed since the beginning. Now, there are as many practices in this genre as anyone can compete. Therefore, it is harder and harder to find it that is worth playing. The anger of Stick 4, on the other hand, is a timeless classic. You have to perform a stickman who needs to survive in the city of ruins. Here, you can act as one of 9 heroes, each has its own skills and weapons. Also, you can enjoy it with your friends and family!

Different Characters

There are even 9 different strong hero robots, shotguns, warriors, machines, blades, kung fu, guns, and more. Everything you can think of can tailor to a certain level.

Play with Friends

You can also play with friends by logging in to Facebook accounts, there are different ways to log in to Google ID or Twitter.

Team Battle

You can also play among people from all over the world including a powerful automatic battle where you can compete with other people from all over the world.

How to Download?

  • If you are trying to download Anger of Stick 4 MOD APK on this website
  • So, you have landed in the right place
  • You can see a download button
  • Press this button repeatedly
  • Then the save option will display then click on it

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